Entrepreneur Shadi Abusharar is the next big thing in the Film Industry

Entrepreneur Shadi Abusharar is the next big thing in the Film Industry
Shadi Abusharar

Looking at a cinematographer’s body of work reveals what aesthetic aspects are specific to the cinematographer and how they impact the storytelling of the films they’ve shot.If you have aspirations of becoming a cinematographer, then what better way to learn the craft than to know about those who’ve quickly risen in this profession? Yes, we are talking about entrepreneur Shadi Abusharar, a skilled Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Director of Photography and Colorist.

“The cinematography of an individual movie is oftentimes a difficult thing to judge, not only because it can be tough to separate the work of the cinematographer from the overall visual storytelling, but also because most viewers react to the look and style of a film through the lens of how we felt about the movie itself.” says Shadi Abusharar. Yes, said by the expert himself. Shadi Abusharar has over 25 years of experience in filming TV commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films around the globe. He is highly skilled in studio and location shoots, often collaborating in many languages and cultures with both large and small crews.

Shadi particularly has a strong eye for natural beauty in landscapes, architecture and people. Due to his popularity and skillful works, he has managed to work for big forms. His clients include Oppo, Huawei, Hyundai Expo2020 Dubai, Adidas, Toyota, Fitness-first and he has been trusted by many directors. Shadi’s work covers a range of styles and disciplines from bright, aspirational lifestyle pieces to compelling, moody and dramatic scenes. He works internationally and is a recipient of the Promax Award. In addition, he has also been nominated as the best colorist.

The best cinematographers are entrepreneurs and they know how to market their skills and products. According to his fellow filmmakers, apart from his skills, Shadi’s success in the entertainment industry is his digital marketing skills. Shadi Abusharar is quite a capable digital marketer. He is proficient when it comes to brand marketing and digital strategies. He is a master content creator and knows how to feel the pulse of the people by portraying the exact image of himself online which the people want.” Without digital marketing, it is impossible to boost popularity nowadays.

As a child, Shadi Abusharar always dwelled into fantasies and he somehow managed to bring his imaginations into reality through his exceptional skills in photography and videography and content creation. “The first step is the hardest, they say but it’s the second step that decides the course of the journey.” says Shadi. Due to so much pupularity at such a young age, he has garnered a large fan following worldwide. His Instagram profile has more than 73K followers and his posts are one amongst the most shared posts on the platform. . Due to his unique content on social media, he has been able to collaborate with different brands for promotional purposes too. It can be safe to say that he is a sought after Influencer.

“No segment of the media industry has had as many changes as the film sector. Technology and film production has changed. Film distribution has changed. You gotta be digitally upgraded, there’s no other way!” says Shadi.

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