Entrepreneur Shovon Ahmed is helping Brands Boost their popularity through his Digital Marketing Skills

Entrepreneur Shovon Ahmed is helping Brands Boost their popularity through his Digital Marketing Skills
Shovon Ahmed

Digital marketing has become an essential element of every successful establishment, no matter how big or small may it be.As such, there are numerous Digital Marketing experts everywhere who are trying to make it big in this field but not every one of them is really efficient nor successful as Shovon Ahmed from Bangladesh.He has been effective in standing out from the crowd and is the most sought after person when it comes to digital marketing.

Apart from being a Digital Marketer and an Entrepreneur, Shovon Ahmed is a content creator and an influencer who is expert in Web Designing and Search Engine Optimization. As there are big opportunities in this field, he started a platform where he provides business strategies for different organizations, personalities and artists by launching the Raw Marketer- a digital marketing agency that provides tailor-made solutions to increasereputation and increase market value. The agency offers services like Brand Consulting, Content Creation, Web Design, Information Architecture, Press Release, and Google Knowledge Panel and so on.According to Shovon, having a solid portfolio is the only way of attracting a large number of clients as before investing, clients review samples of your previous work.

The global digital marketing software market size is expected to reach USD 264.15 billion by 2030, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 19.1% from 2022 to 2030. The rapid increase in the number of smartphone users leads to more and more people using social media which in turn drives the market growth.With such a large potential audience, Shovon Ahmeduses social media to boost brand awareness and market products or services.

Md. MehediHasan, popularly known as Shovon Ahmed on social media, was born on the 08th of April, 2003 in Companiganjupazila of Noakhali district in Bangladesh. His father NurulAfsar is a businessman and his mother BibiKulsum is a housewife. From a young age, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. The creative content creator which he is, at the age of 18 he became very popular by tuning, composing and melodizing the song “In Shaa Allah” and also acted in 3 short films. “I used to be well-versed in programming and web site growth which helped me a lot when I entered the field of digital marketing.” Says Shovon Ahmed.

Shovon Ahmed, a pro in Digital Marketing, helps even small businesses increase their social media presence and grow traffic to their social accounts.What differentiates him from other social media marketers is that he has excellent knowledge of the social media industry as a whole and not just a particular network. Due to his creativity and unique brand strategies, he attractslarge audiences which enables brands to reach an enormous range of target groups. Being highly resourceful has made him become one of the top influencer marketers and has been able to enjoy a high degree of trust with leading companies. Rightly so, Shovon Ahmed has garnered over 21.3K followers on his Instagram handle. As he provides immersive content and has diversity it creates great opportunities for brands to hold the attention of a passionate and influential audience. 

Shovon Ahmed has faced a lot of impediments in his life and career and this has made him a man with humility. He had a difficult childhood and in spite of all the challenges he faced in life, he was determined to achieve his dreams. “Hard work and dedication is the key to success”, says Shovon.

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