Know about Entrepreneur Vishnu Babu- the Versatile Disc Jockey from India is rocking the dance floor with his vibes!

Know about Entrepreneur Vishnu Babu- the Versatile Disc Jockey from India is rocking the dance floor with his vibes!
Vishnu Babu

In the era of so many independent artists in every field, being a disc jockey is one of those professions that everyone wants to do because it looks fun, it’s got fame and most importantly, it has money! But is it that easy? Why are there only a few names when it comes to DJing? Common! It’s no secret that in this digital age, in addition to your DJing skills, you need to be digitally smart to move ahead of the time and fix your position!

One such name in the disc jockey domain is Vishnu Babu also known as DJ Wish. Entrepreneur and influencer Vishnu Babu, a rising music sensation, has carved out a unique identity for himself as a Disc Jockey and a Music Producer who understands how to strike the right chords with the right people. He has unapologetically placed himself in this category. Besides, DJ Wish is the founder of Quantum Booking Agency – A talent Management and Booking Agency that helps upcoming artists stomp their authorities in their respective fields. In short, he helps new artists boost their popularities. Besides, the company also works on event management in the forms of booking and organizing concerts, tours and so on.

The sole reason for Vishnu’s success in the entertainment industry is his DJing skills as well as digital marketing. DJ Wish, apart from being a music producer, is quite a successful digital marketer. Entrepreneur Vishnu is a proficient when it comes to brand marketing and Search Engine Optimization. He is a master content creator and knows how to feel the pulse of the people by portraying the exact image of himself online which the people want. “Without digital marketing, it is impossible to boost popularity nowadays. Today, with a smart phone in even a kid’s hand, you have to make sure you pop up when they are scrolling their news feed.” says Vishnu Babu.

Honestly, we came across Vishnu in Goa’s Hammerzz, a nightclub and people seem to love him there. Surprised? Not at all! DJ Wish’s astounding ability to get the crowd moving with his rhythmic beats and his knowledge of the music structure has made him rise to the top of the popularity list.DJ Wish aka Vishnu Babu is very much from Namma Chennai but now lives in Goa and has some cool Hip Hop and Electronic Dance Music to groove to! He takes inspiration from renowned artists like Skrillex, Flume and Don Diablo.

“Your marketing campaign will involve taking advantage of trends that have fully materialized over recent years. Like with traditional marketing certain directions are made in digital marketing to better acclimate to a constantly evolving and changing consumer base.” says DJ Wish.

According to Vishnu Babu, digital marketing has much more versatile, flexible, and adaptable qualities that allow for more available speed and quality of service. There are over a billion websites, we aim to make sure that you are connected and using the most popular ones to your advantage.

The most popular change to the internet in recent years has been the rise of social media sites.  They have become platforms for every type of business and provide ample opportunity for entrepreneurs such as those in the DJ business. Social media brings information about opportunities available and spreads information you want to voice like wildfire within moments. In a recent interview, DJ Vishnu was quoted as saying, “How you use the platforms is up to you, but the more efficiently they are handled the better off your business will be.” Indeed, how true it is! No wonder DJ Wish has managed to garner more than 12K followers on his Instagram handle in a short span of time! DJ Wish has a distinctive way of rendering his presence online. He’s a master content creator on social media. His brand voicing abilities make him stand out from the rest of the crowd. Presently, he is one of the few disc jockey cum influencers who is slowly and steadily making it big in the field of entrepreneurship.

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