Let’s give it Up for Entrepreneur and bestseller Writer – Nilakshi Garg

Let’s give it Up for Entrepreneur and bestseller Writer - Nilakshi Garg
Nilakshi Garg

That moment of panic after staring at the blinking cursor on a blank word document without a single idea to put down: We’ve all been there.

Beginning a journey as a writer is challenging.

Every writer has faced obstacles in their writing lives — whether it’s rejection, self-doubt, criticism, or something else. They’ve all thought, “What if my novel just isn’t good enough?”Sometimes, when a writer reads great books with complex characters and fantastic plot arcs — books so engrossing they can’t put them down — they compare their novels to those amazing books. They tend to think, “Why someone would read my story when that author’s book is so much better?”

But that’s the thing. If you look at those authors, they’ve been writing for what — ten years? Now they have a publishing contract, an editor, beta readers, and others to support them in their work. But when they first started writing, they had the same doubts and fears. They all faced struggle. Today, let’s know about Nilakshi Garg, a best-selling writer to tackle those doubts, fears and struggles head on.

Nilakshi Gargis the latest best-seller, Indian romance author. She released her debut novel Mirage,in January 2020. It was under the “Bluerose Publishers” publishing house. Then, a poetry book Twenty Eight plus Onecame out on Amazon, Flipkart, and other channels in January 2022. The title of the second book is dedicated to her parent’s anniversary. This poetry book is launched under “Write India Publishers” publishing house. Recently, Mirage’s Kindle version ranked 7 and 1 at Amazon India. Nilakshi has managed to get 50,000+ copies of Mirage downloaded and sold across India within 1.5 years of Mirage’s release on Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books.

Recently, she has been awarded with prestigious Best Romance Author of the Year 2022 award by the Indian Glory Awards. She has also got the trophy for “Emily Dickinson of 21st Century” for participating in a Poetry Marathon competition in 2021-22 where she wrote 21 poems in 21 days. Her book Mirage has also won Popular Choice Awards 2021 managed/held by Bluerose Publishers. Professionally, she worked in multiple anthologies before like The Sentient Vol. – 2, The Last Flower of Spring by Delhi Poetry Slam, A Jar Of Stories by Half Baked Beans, where she contributed a short romantic thriller story named “The Secret Affair,” and then Micro Fiction Anthology by Half Baked Beans where she again put her best talent forward by contributing a short romantic story named “Damn Him.

Currently, she is working on two poetry books, one essay book, and one full-fledged romance novel. Then, 5-6 anthologies are in the pipeline to be released in the next 4-6 months. She has written some poems, essays on quirky characters, and quotes on life.

She operates the Instagram page “Author Nilakshi Garg” where she has more than 13.5K followers to try out her talent in writing, photography, fashion/modelling. Besides that, Nilakshi Garg also owns a digital magazine named Popularity where she offers her professional writing, editing, and proofreading services to various national and international clients.

Besides that, she has written numerous blogs and articles for various entrepreneurs and magazines sites to date. Some of the blogging websites where she contributed her authored articles include GoodLifePedia, YogaPins, MorningLazziness, 5MinuteCoins, uKnowva, TheSerpWire, Furnaco, DigiSmartMarketers, Muselot.in, Goodreads, Medium, and so on. You can easily find her blogs on relationships, yoga, health, and digital marketing online.

Nilakshi Garg has been in the writing business for more than 4.5 years. In 2020, she had opened a proprietorship firm named “One Seven Creative Solutions” to offer a comprehensive band of creative solutions to young clients, start-ups, and other companies in and around India.

She calls herself a Boss lady because she worked continuously with 20+ freelance writers for managing her content magazine site “Popularity.” She is also an ardent reader, writer, and guest blogger. She claims to have read 500+ books to date, which can be proven from her Goodreads page. Then, she operates a book review blog called Romanceofilia.

Nilakshi is also an aspiring screenplay and scriptwriter. Nilakshi Garg has written dialogues for a short movie named “The Second Marriage” which is close to reaching 2 million views on YouTube already. She has written another short movie name “Not Guilty” which is also available on YouTube. In January, 2022 she enrolled as a Creative Director in a poetic video called “Closure” available on LTL Films YouTube Channel. It was directed by Varun Garg and enacted by Faraz Khan. In March 2022, she wrote and co-produced a short film named “I Need Space”. This movie focusses on the modern marital issues of a celebrated couple in an urban city. It has been shot and is currently in post-production. Later, her team aims to release it on an OTT platform. She participated in launching her writings in an anthology called “Blooming Wildfire” under the publishing house of Unvoiced Heart. It is already available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other similar eCommerce channels.

Nilakshi Garg’s love for organizing, managing, and training talent around her comes from her strong educational background. After all, she has completed her graduation in Bachelors of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, GGSIPU, Delhi (2011-2014). She scored 3rd position in her batch in the first year of her BBA from MSI, GGSIPU. Thereafter, she passed with excellent grades in her PGDM in Finance and Operations from Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management (2017-2020). She worked tremendously hard and smart as the Class Representative for her batch in PGDM 2017-20 at LBSIM,

Delhi Now, she is pursuing a Master’s in Psychology from IGNOU. Later, she aims to release research papers based on human psychology and behavioural therapies like CBT and ACT.

According to Nilakshi Garg, there is nothing in this world one cannot achieve if they put her mind, soul, and heart into it.When asked about future endeavours, Entrepreneur and Author Nilakshi says that there is still a long road ahead of her and she’s gotta keep moving. “Not pursuing my visions is a sign of lifelessness and that is never an option. I am working on new projects which will be announced on my Instagram soon.” As a message to the upcoming writers, she says, “All the young authors out there should write what they feel deep in their heart. Express what they want to say, regardless of whether they think their writing is correct or not. There is always time to edit it later and focus on the business side. In the beginning, just write and share your work as honestly as you can.”

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