Raising Fitness to new levels; Meet Entrepreneur Jordin Ramirez, a Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist who is expanding his reach through Wily Marketing Strategies!

Raising Fitness to new levels Meet Entrepreneur Jordin Ramirez a Bodybuilding and Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist who is expanding his reach through Wily Marketing Strategies!
Jordin Ramirez

Working alongside a personal trainer can give people an incredible edge with their health and fitness goals. It’s often an investment that pays back far more than they expect. One of the primary reasons that someone should have a personal trainer is that they can educate you on all aspects of health, fitness and exercise. So with the internet making it possible to work with a personal trainer anywhere in the world (provided they have an online business), who are the best of the best? We thought it would be a good idea to talk about a certain popular fitness trainer and a nutritionist so that you could get some inspiration to create fitness content of your own! Yes, no doubt we are talking about Entrepreneur Jordin Ramirez, who has ample years of experience in bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition.

Entrepreneur Jordin Ramirez is a pro bodybuilder under the Musclemania brand and is a fitness trainer and a nutritionist. He is the founder of Perfict, a fitness establishment that helps its members have unique bodies, metabolisms and lifestyles. Established in 2015, Perfict specializes in fitness & nutrition education, fat loss, athletic strength & conditioning, rehab for back pain, exercise referral specialist, neuro-fitness (brain based conditions), kid’s fitness and strength and kettle bell master trainer. They have Private Gym, Online Coaching and a 1 on 1 coaching for its members. Throughout these years, they have done 1000+ successful transformations. If you want to know about how they train or what their fitness regimes are like, you can even book a free strategy session before enrolling with them. Being an ace brand strategist, Jordin even started his own merchandise along with Perfict.

The one factor through which Entrepreneur Jordin revolutionized the business is that he doesn’t teach or train confined within the four walls of a room or in the same city where one lives. He’s upgraded himself digitally and provides online training too! Jordin’s personal training sessions and nutrition coaching have helped many male and female clients achieve their goals for fitness and physique/figure transformation over the years in Las Vegas and online around the world. Whether you’re looking to get fit for life, lose those last few stubborn kilos, or tone up for a special occasion, Personal Trainer Jordin Ramirez can make you achieve your goals.

Let us tell you more about him. Entrepreneur Jordin Ramirez hails from Las Vegasand is a pro natural bodybuilder under the Musclemania brand as a classic physique contestant. Jordin is a Two Time Musclemania champion, as he was crowned 2017 Jr. Bodybuilding Champion at Musclemania’s most prestigious event – ‘Fitness America’.

A product from Arbor View High School, where he graduated with an Advanced Honors Diploma in 2014, entrepreneur Jordin has been a certified personal trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association since 2014. Ranked the No. 1 Jr. Bodybuilder in the natural world, Jordin has expanded himself by founding Perfict. Jordin has been training since he was five years old, in some capacity, as he began practicing the martial art of Tae Kwon Do in 2001. His background in martial arts has surfaced over the years in his participation in Baseball, Football, and Wrestling and now professional Bodybuilding. Those who have seen his work ethic first-hand have been witness to the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do – Modesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and Indomitable Spirit – as they’ve emerged from his athleticism. His seven-year involvement in the martial art led him to earn his first-degree Black Belt, while he was an accomplished Olympic-style tournament competitor on the junior circuit from 2002-2007. Now, Jordin brings his work ethic and tenacity to the fitness industry, changing lives every day.

To be where entrepreneur Jordin has reached now, is a dream for thousands of fitness trainers and he helps upcoming young fitness enthusiasts to establish themselves as pioneer fitness trainers too. He has more than 18k followers on Instagram where he actively shares his training routines and pictures of his absolutely amazing and aesthetic body. Due to his immense popularity, numerous outside brands continually request to collaborate or have their products endorsed by the widely popular fitness guru.

Entrepreneur Jordin has a strong voice in his fan base and he builds his own set of followers through his unique style of blogging and storytelling. He believes that being an entrepreneur and influencer sounds very fascinating but it is actually a tough job. “You need to come up with good content on a daily basis and you need to act very righteously in your daily routines. If anything goes south then it can critically damage your following.” says Jordin.

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