WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE, a Clothing line for all Age Groups, is making its Own Space in the Fashion Arena!

WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE a Clothing line for all Age Groups is making its Own Space in the Fashion Arena!

You’re stylish, passionate, and talented—and you’ve decided you don’t want to work at a nine to five job for the rest of your life. You’re going to become an entrepreneur and want to start your very own clothing line! This journey is undoubtedly going to be challenging and exciting, so you need to get yourself prepared properly. So what do you do? Relax! We’ll learn about WDMRCK Exclusive, a clothing line started by an entrepreneur and model named Widmarck Emile Jr.

The Global Textile Industry, particularly the Apparel Industry has seen remarkable changes in the past few years. The clothing wholesale supply is increasing worldwide in all the sectors of the industry, whether it be men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kid’s wear, or infant wear. The global apparel market size is expected to grow from $551.36 billion in 2021 to $605.4 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.8%. The apparel market is expected to grow to $843.13 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6%.

Entrepreneur Widmarck Emile Jr, a fashion enthusiast and a model is passionate about fashion and customer experiences and thus, he started the clothing line WDMRCK Exclusive as his new business venture. WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE, also called WD EXCLUSIVE, is an apparel company that promotes clothing and lifestyle through fashion.

Based in Montreal, Canada, WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE has slowly and steadily expanded its customer reach with a very simple goal: help people from all ages carry their own style. Their mission is to spread a sense of positivity all around the world through the medium of fashion. While they are selling only in the USA and Canada and in its vicinity, they are gradually expanding all over the world through the digital platform and becoming a brand with international recognition.

So why do we chose WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE? With their clothes being sewed with utmost precision, they take their share of time to choose the best fabric to ensure comfort, breathability and resistance which is next to none. They have collaborated with some of the best designers and influencers to ensure that they stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. The various categories of clothing they offer are Luxury Homemade Tracksuits, Accessories, and Bikinis, Confident Collection, T-Shirts and jumpsuits.

WDMRCK EXCLUSIVE takes responsibility of how you look and what you represent from head to toe. Due to its unique range of clothes and attractive price ranges, it has taken very little time to garner a myriad of 39.5K followers on Instagram. Besides, the founder Widmarck has more than 211K followers on his Instagram handle due to his fashion sense. Due to his popularity, different brands throng to collaborate with him and he endorses their products. And Why Not! He pays special attention to creating content that’s entertaining, current and stimulates engagement with his audience. Being an Influencer himself, he strikes a chord with his audience and posts stories and reels for grabbing attention and showcasing the lifestyle his brand.

The constantly changing market poses different challenges to new enterprises. “As consumers must have a reason for selecting a given brand or a product from among many others, each one should have a motto apart from its distinctive usability.” says Widmarck. Entrepreneur Widmarck believes that sticking together and supporting each other is the need of the time and he himself helps others set up their businesses too through his marketing skills

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