A Guardian on Every Child’s Wrist: The Sekyo Smart Watch

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Delhi, [India], July 04, 2024:- In a world where child safety concerns are ever-present, an innovative solution has emerged from the bustling tech hub of New Delhi. Sekyo Innovations, a forward-thinking tech firm, has introduced a device that’s rapidly becoming a silent guardian for children across India – the Sekyo Smart Watch.

We discovered a Made in India company that makes innovative solutions to secure your kids, pets, home, vehicle etc. With their range of high-quality yet affordable solutions, they have quickly become India’s leading brand for safety and security. They started by launching the Sekyo Kids Smart Watch, which is designed for kids between the age of 4 to 14 (and elders) and acts like their first smartphone watch with 2-way audio-video calling function directly from the watch, Parental control features such as live location tracking and safe location boundary; educational games for mental health; health trackers such as HR, BP and fitness monitor; and most importantly an SOS button that triggers a phone call along with kids’ live location to their parents. This watch seems ideal for parents to always stay connected with their kids without the side effects of a typical smartphone. The company makes similar trackers for Vehicles, Elders, Pets etc, with a very affordable price point starting at Rs. 2999 only at https://sekyo.in/ 

Similar to Sekyo Watches, the company also makes various other innovative products such as Smart DoorSensor that can be activated by shopkeepers on lockers; and urban families on their almigrah; when the car is parked – anytime there is an unauthorised access, an alarm will trigger on your smartphone and alert you of the potential theft. 

With the changing times, the approach to child safety should be prioritised. The Sekyo products represent a step towards a future where technology is a tool for protection and peace of mind. It’s not just a gadget; it’s a guardian, a communicator, and a bridge between you and your loved ones. 

In a country where safety is paramount, Sekyo offers more than a product – it’s a movement towards a safer future for ourselves. As the company aptly says- Have you Secured (Sekyo) yourself yet? Do it now before it’s too late. 

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