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Sumedh Jagtap
Sumedh Jagtap

A Sumedh Jagtap turns into a colourist cum music video director. He started his journey in 2006 from Bangkok as VFX artist and then settled down in Mumbai and showcased his talent in movies like Ghajini, Chandani Chowk to China and Raaz as a VFX artist. He has always been a big fan of music and he strongly believes with films, you need to understand what is being said and with books, you need to be able to read, but music has no boundaries, no conditions and is accessible to all. With that spirit during post lockdown, he launched his music channel on YouTube named Musical Ant. He has directed many music videos titled Natkhat Kanha, Main Khwab Bunu Tere, and Teri door on their page and soon he is coming up with more videos with creative concepts and soothing voices.

His only concept is to make stunning music videos across various genres and spread calming happiness to the audience. Apart from this passion, he has done spectacular work as a colourist in web series like Candy, Potluck, Raat Baki hai, Project 9191, The married woman, Dev DD 2, Dil hi toh hai, Crashh, Love scandal and Bebaake, Avrodh, Jeep Bollywood, Code M, the office seasons 2, criminal justice, Home Sweet, 13 Mussoorie, Banned, criminal justice, I can you can, Tanhaiya, and many more. Jagtap is going to introduce a production house called solar plexus. entertainment.

He is similarly running a colourant studio (Post Production Studio) and has more work on his way, his journey shows that he is celebrating his roller coaster life and he is a multitalented human with lots of vision.

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