Animal Activist Utpal Khot bags the coveted Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar for 2023

Animal Activist Utpal Khot bags the coveted Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar for 2023
Utpal Khot

MahaSeWA -Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association and Red Ant streamed the prestigious and esteemed award ceremony on January 29 at Hyatt Centric, Juhu in Mumbai.

MahaSeva recognised the efforts of Animal Activist Utpal Khot by awarding him the Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar for Animal Activism. He has also appeared on the popular TV show Koan Honaar Crorepati Marathi where he spreads his message for animal service. He is a regular face on TV channels giving his expert comments on Animal activism and changes coming in various social media platforms.

Graduated with Majors in Sociology and Politics, Utpal Khot worked in the corporate world from 1995 and earned `a name for himself. He quit his full time job in the corporate world in 2008 and spent most of his time in nurturing his interest, which was to give back to the nature by planting new saplings and feeding stray animals all over.

Utpal Khot has been closely working with every single animal feeder in Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad. He has attracted many selflessly working animal lovers across the Globe who spend money from their own pocket to feed the strays.

He believes in motivating people to adopt Strays. He believes that if one out of 100 people adopt a stray cat or dog, we won’t have any stray animal on the streets. He helps housing societies, colleges with free online lectures and sessions to help reduce the Human-animal conflict.                  

Upon receiving the Maharashtra Ratna Puruskar, 2023, Utpal Khot expressed his gratitude and happiness and said, “This is years of my hard work and passion being recognised by the state and I feel extremely proud and grateful to have received this high honour, I shall continue to live up to this belief of people in me. I shall continue to spread awareness for this noble cause. My congratulations to the other awardees as well.”

Maharashtra Ratna Puruskar 2023 is a reputed felicitation program that recognizes outstanding nominees for their accomplishments despite challenging circumstances in their respective industries and has made the country and the state proud.

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  1. Thank you for the mention. My only aim has been to spread awareness on adopting Indie strays so that we dont have animal misery on streets.
    Another Request / Demand which I have been following up with the State and Central Government is one dedicated animal crematorium per district across India. Some 750 animal crematoriums across India will give additional employment to humans and solve enviromental and animal decay issues to a great extent.
    With your blessings and good wishes, some day this will come true. 😇🙏🏼


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