Be kind, love all, face life with a smile- Nandaa Dorairaj.

Be kind, love all, face life with a smile- Nandaa Dorairaj.
Nandaa Dorairaj

Actor Nandaa Dorairaj is currently shooting for his next season of OTT project for SONY which is being produced by Applause Entertainment & Sign Of Life Productions titled “IRU DHURUVAM.” It is the second season of IRU DHURUVAM and it becomes the first web series in Tamil film industry to come up with the second season. The first season received a huge viewership in the OTT platform and was given the best rating. It was critically acclaimed too. This is Nandaa’s fourth OTT project apart from the other series which were produced by VIACOM 18 and Ekta Kapoor’s ALT Balaji which also happens to their first venture into web series in Tamil language. We have completed shooting for a commercial action film “ATHARMAM” which will be a theatrical release.

1. How different are OTT’s from the theatres?

OTT is  totally a different ball game as far as I have observed as an actor and a producer. The experience itself is different to watching it in theatres but the OTT has been giving a large platform for the new talents, new concepts which cannot be released in theatres off beat ventures, small budgeted films, dark comedies which is appealing to the current OTT viewers and also it is the timing which is very flexible in OTT. I still feel people throng for the theatres when a big budgeted film releases. The experience of theatres is what people prefer even now and as an other big option is the OTT which is giving a totally different perspective about cinema.

2. How is it to be producing a movie for your best friend Vishal?

Production was always on the back of my mind for a very long time and the first production was with Vishal for a reality show on Sun Network titled SUN NAAM ORUVAR which was produced alongside my dear friend Ramana. It turned out to be a blockbuster with TRP ratings. It is Vishal who asked us to produce this movie which came as a pleasant surprise and we took it up with no second thought. Being actors ourselves, Ramana and I have a completely different plan of taking Vishal and this movie to the next level. We decided to do release it in five languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada. We had finalised the content which will be suitable for all the audiences and it will be the largest budgeted movie of Vishal so far. I am happy to be producing my first feature film with Vishal as I admire him not only as an actor but also as a fantastic human being that he is. His care for people around him and his vision for the society to make it a better place.

3. Acting and producing could be extremely stressful. How do you deal with stress? What’s your mantra?

It is stressful but when you are doing things you love it does not get on to you. I have divided my production work and acting accordingly so that it does not clash. My dear friend Ramana takes care of everything in my absence. I do not get stressed so easily. Music keeps me going and each time I want to de-stress, I paint as it is my biggest stress buster. In life, what you really want does not to you easily right? I try to stay focussed and not get stressed. I always follow this mantra: Be kind. Love all and face life with a smile.

4. Are you looking at venturing into new projects as a producer?

Yes! Definitely, as it was something which I always was very passionate about and it was good to start off with a huge project like Laththi with Vishal. Am already producing and acting in a project titled Thileepan which will be completing soon but I am not sure if its going to a theatrical or OTT release. I have kept my options open and I am looking forward to the completion of the project.

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