Bhul Jaa will stay forever in Peeps Heart

Bhul Jaa will stay forever in Peeps Heart

Sumedh Jagtap has recently launched a new music video titled “BHUL JA” on his YouTube channel musical ant. This song will rule your heart with never bhul ja vibes. After a break from a soft and emotional melody, Sumedh has come up with a party anthem which is hugely popular in the new era. This song carries a lot of energetic feelings and impressive lyrics. Shubhashish Upadhyay, Muskan Tomar and Saheb have given their tremendous voice and are featured too in this music video. While the unforgettable lyrics and rap are penned by Saheb and Shubhashish Upadhyay. The whole track with the firey concept is composed by Saheb, Shubhashish and Anuj Tiwari. A remarkable work done by Ashish Verma (Costume Designer) and Ankita Kapoor (Jewellery Designer) they create the characters’ outfits with matching the vibes of this song and balancing the scenes with texture and colour, etc.

Makeup artist Shivani has also worked absolutely impressive in this video, Abhishek Singh (Video Editor) played the paramount role to make the video shots so appealing that the audience could feel connected there in the video they are watching. Some more crew members involved in this music video with their work named Bhavik Mehta, Ayaz khan, Sanjita Jha, Purwa, Shivani, Ishan Ahmad Ankit Jha, Suriya and Priyam soni. Similarly the incredible cinematography, camera work and art directing work performed by Manoj Bajiya, Maitraiya Kulshreshtha and Soumya Suman. A great team effort exist only because of an outstanding director who jointly worked very hard to bring this super hit video to the audience.

All the glimpses of the video shots are very catchy and it totally gives you a party vibe. BHUL JA is getting quite popular these days on Instagram viewers are enjoying making reels on this song. Musical Ant growing super fast only because of their unique content and melody this song “BHUL JAA” is icing on the cake for all party and rap song lovers. In the coming days Sumedh Jagtap will come up with a lot of fresh music videos on their YouTube channel “Musical Ant” and he is doing his promise to entertain their audience.

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