Crafting Comfort: Dial2Decor Sets New Standards in Furniture Design and Production

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New Delhi, India, March 13, 2024—Dial2Decor, a Delhi-based furniture company, is enhancing industry standards with its innovative approach, led by the inspiring story of its founder, Shruti Chawla.

With a keen eye on trends and consumer preferences, Dial2decor’s perspective sheds light on the nuanced shifts within the industry. As the demand for personalised living spaces continues to surge, interior decor has become more than just a matter of aesthetics; it reflects individuality and lifestyle.

In recent years, the decor industry has witnessed a notable emphasis on sustainability and eco-conscious design. Consumers are increasingly seeking products and materials that align with their values of environmental responsibility. This shift has prompted Dial2decor to prioritise sustainable sourcing and production methods, offering eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on style or quality.

Moreover, technological advancements have impacted the decor industry, too, with digital platforms and tools enabling consumers to visualise and customise their spaces with comfortable designs. From virtual reality applications that allow for immersive room simulations to augmented reality tools for virtually trying out furniture and decor, technology has enhanced how consumers interact with interior design.

Additionally, the rise of e-commerce has democratised access to decor products, empowering consumers to explore a range of styles and price points from the comfort of their homes. Dial2decor recognises the importance of an omnichannel approach, leveraging both online platforms and physical retail spaces to cater to its clientele’s varied needs and preferences.

From Homemaker to Entrepreneur: A Story of Resilience

Shruti’s journey is one of defying expectations. Traditionally, societal pressures often restrict women from pursuing entrepreneurial dreams. However, with support from her family, Shruti transformed from a homemaker into a successful businesswoman. Her story serves as a powerful inspiration for women everywhere, highlighting the potential to break free from societal norms and achieve their goals.

Addressing the Gap in the Market

Shruti identified a significant gap in the Delhi furniture market. Consumers faced two primary options: offline markets with questionable quality and limited transparency and online portals offering convenience but lacking a physical experience.

Witnessing the difference firsthand: Shruti received a product made from inferior wood while searching for a genuine plywood wardrobe in a Delhi furniture market. This experience exposed the widespread issue of misrepresentation and the need for more transparency in the furniture industry, leaving consumers uninformed about the authentic materials used.

Building Trust Through Transparency and Innovation

Determined to bridge this gap, Shruti established Dial2Decor, a unique furniture company built on the pillars of transparency and customer satisfaction.

Here’s what sets Dial2Decor apart:

  • Factory-Direct Furniture: Dial2Decor offers cost-effective furniture directly from the factory by eliminating middlemen costs.
  • Customisation: The company specialises in custom-made sofas and beds, catering to individual needs and preferences.
  • Doorstep Service: The company’s executives visit clients at their homes, showcasing materials, gathering design preferences, and tailoring orders accordingly.
  • Live Camera Access: A unique feature allows customers to witness the creation of their furniture through live camera access, ensuring complete transparency about materials and craftsmanship.
  • EMI Facilities: Dial2Decor offers convenient EMI options through credit cards, making quality furniture accessible to a wider audience.

Client Testimonials

                After visiting multiple stores in furniture markets, checking online, and visiting malls, I made sure my mind was in complete chaos about what to buy that fit my budget without compromising on the quality. Then I came across Dial2Decor, who were providing furniture with EMI options. That really helped a lot, and quality was top-notch,says Hitesh Bajaj.

                It was a very good experience with dial2decor. The team helped us select the right options and gave candid feedback. Access to the Live Camera option allowed me to see my dream furniture come alive with utmost beauty and perfection. Cheers!!” says Poonam.

                We had a very good experience with dial2decor. When we first met Salmaan, Gautam & Aman , we decided to choose dial2decor to design our dream home. The idea of providing factory-direct furniture excited me so much. We are really happy with the dial2decor designs, finishing, and product quality,” says Kumud.

                It was a great experience. The dial2decor Team was very attentive and helped us finalise our customised product. We thank the team for their support in coming to my office and asking for all the details before the service is provided, says Dinesh.

Future Plans:

Currently catering to West Delhi, Dial2Decor plans to expand its services to the entire National Capital Region (NCR) in the near future.

Dial2Decor: More Than Just Furniture

Dial2Decor goes much further than being a furniture shop. The company story empowers women, champions transparency, and strives to create a world-class furniture brand that ignites imaginations and elevates living spaces.

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About Dial2Decor

Dial2Decor is an ISO 9001-2015 certified furniture brand specialising in various furniture styles, including home furniture, modular furniture, accessories, and more. Their in-house design team draws inspiration from global trends, ensuring they offer stylish and contemporary furniture pieces.

Dial2Decor exemplifies the power of innovation, transparency, and the dedicated spirit of an entrepreneur. The company is paving the way for a more informed, empowering furniture-buying experience in Delhi and beyond.

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