Dholakiya Sunil Raj Jaiswal’s Grand Cradle Ceremony Celebrated for “Vedansh Jaiswal”

Dholakiya Sunil Raj Jaiswal’s Grand Cradle Ceremony Celebrated for “Vedansh Jaiswal”

Secunderabad, Telangana [India]: Dholakiya Sunil Raj Jaiswal, a prominent businessman known for his grand celebrations, recently marked a momentous occasion in his family’s life. The cradle ceremony of his beloved grandchild, Vedansh, born to his daughter Monica and son-in-law Nitesh Jaiswal, was a grand and joyous affair.

The event, held with immense splendor, saw the entire Jaiswal family come together to celebrate the newest addition, VEDANSH. Dholakiya Sunil Raj Jaiswal’s children Romit Raj and Harshika were present to share in the joy and festivities.

Capturing the precious moments of the day in the Shubhakarya Banquet Hall was Om Sai Photography, ensuring that the memories of this special occasion will be cherished for generations to come.

While the celebration was filled with happiness, there was a poignant note as well. The family couldn’t help but miss Sunil Raj Jaiswal’s wife Usha Kiran , who recently passed away. Her absence was deeply felt, a reminder of the importance of family bonds during both moments of joy and sorrow.

The cradle ceremony of Vedansh Jaiswal was not just a celebration of life but also a poignant reminder of the enduring love and unity within the Dholakiya Jaiswal family.

“We love our brother So much expressed Ujwal Raj and Prekshita”

Parents Nitesh and Monica revealed “Vedansh is the Best Gift of our Life”

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