DJ DYNAMIKE live in concert at Symboisis Pune – Sympulse Festival!

DJ DYNAMIKE live in concert at Symboisis Pune – Sympulse Festival!
DJ DYNAMIKE Live at Symbiosis Sympulse Festival

Richard Dimonti aka DJ DYNAMIKE Ahead of his concert at the Symboisis – Sympulse Festival Pune in City Walk, What’s On caught up with acclaimed Indie DJ, DJ DYNAMIKE. We talked about his early rise to fame, his favourite spots in Pune and some of his favourite artists right now.

How does it feel performing in the Symboisis- Sympulse Festival?

DJ DYNAMIKE –  I think I was in the 12 grade when one of my DJ friends too me to the Sympulse fest, and I got bonkers looking at the crowd there and them getting crazy about DJ’s and singers and that was the day I decide that one day I will kill the stage here with the DJ Dynamike vibe, and after my college day passed by working really hard to become DJ Dynamike, after 3 years of sheer hard work & dedication my phone rung and it was the call from the Sympulse management team and these were their words that “we want only DJ Dynamike for our upcoming Sympulse Festive” I was thrilled, so yeah that’s how I got this concert.   

How do you think becoming so famous at such a young age affected you?

DJ DYNAMIKE – I think it made mature a lot quicker, since my school life I’ve always been a student who used to get the highest of grades, I used to be the teachers favourite but naughty too, I always used to participate in all my school activities like dancing, acting or even sports. At a very early stage I started seeing people cheering for me, like I thought I was very famous, but that definitely did not get into my head and never will, soon after my college I started travelling for work with people twice my age, and as they say a person is made by the experiences that they have so here I am a little mature and sane in the head.

Who is your favourite artist currently and why?

DJ DYNAMIKE – I listen to and take inspiration from many DJ’s like David Guetta, Drake, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, but the one that I really look up to is Skrillex I’m his biggest fan. He’s amazingly crazy for a fact I started DJ’ing gaining inspiration from one of his videos, and the energy with which he performs is insane, his skills are very different and he has his own unique statement style, I aim at creating that for myself too, he gives out the best for his fans, one dream that I have is that I want to meet him once and have just one studio session with him, Amen!


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