From Susmita Gupta to Dr. Susmita Gupta – MBR’s honorary Doctorate for the World Record Holder Writer and Author

From Susmita Gupta to Dr. Susmita Gupta – MBR’s honorary Doctorate for the World Record Holder Writer and Author
Dr. Susmita Gupta

Dr. Susmita Gupta is the World Record Holder writer and Author who created a buzz last year by setting a world record for writing and publishing maximum books on online platforms. She is the best-selling author of novels that includes ‘Life is Tough, be tougher’, ‘To Love that Knows no bounds’, ‘was it Love or Lust?’, and ‘Unforgettable HE’. She is now been conferred with an honorary Doctorate Award by the MBR held on September 16th in Delhi NCR, India. Dr. Susmita’s honorary doctorate is for excellence in Writing and Entrepreneurship.

“I feel blessed, proud, and grateful to be a part of the literary world along with being an entrepreneur. It feels like I had just started yesterday and time really flies when I look back. It’s a really profound experience and a journey filled with thankfulness towards every single person who has been a part of my journey when I quit my 9 to 5 job to become a full-time writer and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship,” said Dr. Susmita.

Dr. Susmita Gupta is the owner of Ed Innova, a content writing and PR Agency adding one vertical to it in the domain of book Publishing. Dr. Susmita is the owner of a rising fashion jewelry brand in the name of Anaghtara. She says “Though our team is small but with a big vision we are looking forward to launching the brand officially very soon.”She also owns a news website in the name of Hindustan Pioneer, one of the most spoken digital news platforms that add value and motivation to the stories of all the personalities including authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, singers, and so on from all around the world.

Born with creative instinct, Dr. Susmita Gupta’s literary works are appraised by various renowned co-authors and distinctive personalities from other spheres. She along with her team works on writing assignments, book publishing, and PR activities for several of the Big 4 businesses and start-ups. Dr. Susmita Gupta started her journey as an author in August 2020 with her first novel ‘To Love that knows no Bounds” and has been recognized as an esteemed author for literary works and appreciated as a literary influencer by various renowned educational Institutions of India for encouraging the budding authors and writer’s community with initiatives amidst COVID 19 crisis with literary works.

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