From working in the corporate world to entering the Yogic world and becoming a Master in Yogic Science, meet Yogacharya Suraj Saini.

From working in the corporate world to entering the Yogic world and becoming a Master in Yogic Science, meet Yogacharya Suraj Saini.

With his excellence as a Yoga practitioner and teacher, Yogacharya Suraj Saini has won hearts and positively impacted people’s lives.

Isn’t it wonderful to learn about all those people who make sure to go beyond doing the usual and choosing unconventional paths in order to reach the highest of the highs in their respective industries? What is even more wonderful to learn about them is how even as young talents, they leave no stone unturned in getting ahead on their journeys, thriving off of their passion for their work and their commitment to constantly improving their craft as professionals. We saw how a few of these young talents started with something but, in the process, realized what their hearts truly sought and jumped into a new sector altogether to create their path to success. Among these, Yogacharya Suraj Saini has made quite a lot of buzz around him and his work.

This passionate guy from Karnal, Haryana, just like any other youngster, had dreams of making his name count in his chosen industry. He first completed his BCom from a recognized university. Coming from a humble family with a background in agriculture, he very well understood the true value of honesty, hard work and work ethic. He chose to work in the accounting department of a big organization in Karnal. Soon, life was setting its pace good for him, where he even earned well. However, later he realized that he was not cut out for machines. In 2020 during Covid times, everything crumbled for him in his career. He had to start from ground zero, and thus he quit his job and went through self-analysis and assessment to find out what his heart sought.

Since he was intrigued and curious to learn more about the human body, he began studying it and took admission to M.A. YOGACHARYA, and started learning Yoga. His growing passion and love for the same today has helped him become a rising Yoga and Meditation Facilitator in Karnal. He runs online and offline classes for Yoga, Meditation, Counselling and Acupressure.

From working in a corporate work environment to choosing to be a Master in Yogic Science, Yogacharya Suraj Saini’s (@one_life_yoga_) journey wasn’t a cakewalk for him, but his rigorous efforts and his constant urge to learn new things and acquire more knowledge today has made him a trusted name in Yoga, who has found new meaning in life and adding more meaning to the lives of others.

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