GaneshaSpeaks predictions for Vicky Kaushal

GaneshaSpeaks predictions for Vicky Kaushal
Mr. Hemang Arunbhai Pandit

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On Vicky Kaushal’s birthday (May 16), here is what the year looks like for the actor –

Which planets play a role behind his talent?

In Vicky Kaushal’s Sun chart, the Moon is exalted. The Moon blesses creativity, determination, and innovative thoughts. Plus, Mercury and Venus are in exchange. This yoga blesses Vicky Kaushal with multi-artistic, multi-talented skills. So it helps him to work hard with a positive approach. All the above planets are associated with the entertainment industry and the said Yoga play a very important role in his talent.

How will his 2022 movies like ‘Govinda Naam Mera’ and ‘The Great Indian Family’ will perform?

Due to Jupiter’s positive influence, Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming movies like Govinda Naam Mera and The Great Indian Family will perform better. Plus, he will be able to sign some more professional opportunities with the help of his hard work.

On the other hand, transiting Saturn may force him to work hard this year and also it will test his skills on some occasions. Also, at some moments he might face challenges to maintain a balance between personal and professional life due to his workaholic schedule. However, Jupiter’s influences will bring betterment in his environment and more rewards in his professional life as the year progresses. And he will be able to strengthen his social image and status in major areas of his life.

Besides, due to the dual transit of Ketu and Saturn, he will work ahead with sincerity and determination. However, Vicky Kaushal needs to be careful about his health in the next year due to his workaholic schedule. Though no major health issues are foreseen.

Fortunately, Vicky will remain involved in making new deals and contracts for endorsements. This year will keep him busy to get his desires to get fulfilled, financially. Thus, he is likely to make financial gains with his efforts. This may boost his enthusiasm and positivity.

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