Harish Soni – A Passionate Entrepreneur

After the daily grind of school and tuition, most kids prefer to wind down by harvesting virtual strawberries on Farmville. But some would rather make money. Meet a new breed of teens who are already CEOs of their own companies. Their success shows that you don’t need a fancy MBA to be an entrepreneur, only broadband and some out-of-the-box thinking

Name: Harish Soni, 21, 11-April-2000

Harish Soni doesn’t take a break from college. He starts work at 5.30 pm when his target audience in the US wakes up and logs on to the internet. Harish Soni makes money online by Making Websites and providing digital marketing services. His Website: Heytech.in.

One of his websites is, Silveradda.com which is a silver jewellery e-commerce website. It lists all types of silver jewellery items. “Very few people know that you can even sell jewellery online,” he says. With a steady five-figure income, he doesn’t have to worry about pocket money. He even bought himself a five-gear bike recently. “Every time someone buys any product on silveradda, I get paid for it,” he smiles.

This year, Harish Soni, who first earned Rs 10,000 off the internet at 20, started Worldgati, a company that provide packers and movers that caters to 100+ customers. A student, the teenager, who wants to retire at 25, doesn’t think about the future much. His wish may well come true. He has already made it to a list of top packers and movers aged 21.

Today, Harish Soni the self-taught web developer works with a team of web designers, developers, search engine specialists and social media marketers to build and promote websites. He spends 20 hours a week on his business and occasionally sacrifices eating out and catching a movie with friends to meet deadlines. He swears by his company’s slogan, “Make your business digital with us”, and looks up to fellow web-based businessmen. “Being young is an added advantage as I can come up with many innovative ideas,” he says.

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