Hyderabad’s First and Biggest Mental Wellness Event – FEEL by Goodmind.app, Leaves a Lasting Impression!

Hyderabad's First and Biggest Mental Wellness Event - FEEL by Goodmind.app, Leaves a Lasting Impression!

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India]: Goodmind.app, a mental wellness start-up committed to making mental health affordable and accessible, successfully concluded its annual event, “FEEL” powered by ExPlus and HairSTORY. Founded by Saniya Mohammed, Goodmind.app strives to destigmatize mental health, making it an everyday conversation and ensuring that support and resources are readily available to all. FEEL is an embodiment of this vision, creating a platform for open dialogue and acceptance.

FEEL 2023 saw a sea of 2000+ attendees, diving in an immersive experience that encouraging individuals to speak up about their feelings and provides a safe and creative space for emotional expression. This transformative event combines the power of art therapy and open mic sessions to foster healing and connection within the community.

The event garnered tremendous enthusiasm and anticipation, attracting a diverse array of mental health advocates hailing from various corners of the city and different communities. It became a platform for the exchange of valuable insights and experiences. The event was graced with the presence of Shri Arvind Kumar IAS, Industry leaders like Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Ms. Rashi Srivastava, and Mr. Aditya Vuchi as well as creators such as Abrar Khan, Dr Ashfaq Ahmed, Sameer Quadri and Zara Siddiqui were present.

“The success of this festival serves as a powerful reminder that mental wellness is not solely an individual pursuit; it’s a collective journey we all undertake together. Witnessing the enthusiastic participation of so many, who came together to prioritize mental health and well-being, has been both deeply inspiring and heart-warming,” affirmed Saniya Mohammed.

FEEL Highlights:

Art Therapy Workshops: Participants engaged in therapeutic art activities to explore their emotions, reduce stress, and enhance their mental well-being.

Open Mic Sessions: Individuals were invited to share their stories, poems, or personal experiences, fostering a sense of community and understanding.

Guest Speakers: Esteemed mental health experts and advocates provided valuable insights and strategies for managing mental health challenges.

For more information on mental wellness visit the website – www.goodmind.app

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