If you’ve will you’ve the way and our star mommy influencer Ekta Makhija proves it right!!

If you’ve will you’ve the way and our star mommy influencer Ekta Makhija proves it right!!

Ekta Makhija, an MBA, an Ex- Banker and now a mom influencer on Instagram , began her journey in the world of social media influencers 4 years ago with her page @ekta.mk, with a whooping 120k followers base  today and having collaborated with more than 200 National and International brands like Amazon, Caratlane, Jack & Jones, Titan etc. Ekta is today counted amongst the most influential parenting and lifestyle content creators in the country.

Being a mother and a homemaker, she still manages to live her life with a happy go spirit, while managing her role as a mother, wife and a content creator.

Ekta believes that having kids should not ever stop someone from doing what they want. Having a kid does not mean one needs to lead a monotonous life, rather, one can surely manage if they are keen to do something more. Just like that, having a 5 years old son, Abeer, has been one of the greatest things for her. She enjoys the company of her son and keeps sharing their cute and fun moments on her page to spread joy and positivity among her followers. The motto behind her page is to motivate and inspire women to start following their passion irrespective of their marital status or age and embrace their flaws and be comfortable and confident with it. Ekta’s page is everything raw, real, fun, positive and a treat to the eyes.

This is just not it done about our lovely mom influencer, apart from everything mentioned above, she’s also a skin care enthusiast, a lifestyle blogger, loves comfortable luxury fashion, and the most important, giving parenting hacks to the moms looking up to her.

Ekta tends to write thorough and systematic reviews about the products and services that she receives being an influencer. Her reviews have always been insightful and helpful to many who look up to her profile.

She has a loving and supportive husband and family who believes in her and supports her decisions. She takes each day as a new chapter which tends to unfold some wonderful memories for her and her family.

She truly sets a standard for mother’s out there who feels that they can’t lead a life outside of their family. Whilst the needs of her family, she takes up time for what she loves to do and gives her audience some amazing content to look upto. Ekta is honestly and truly one inspiring and motivating mom blogger.

Instagram link: https://instagram.com/ekta.mk

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