Keshva Hair Care: The Startup Focus on Providing Natural Solution For Hair Issues

Keshva Hair Care, Natural Solution For Hair Issues, Ayurveda

Hair fall and hair thinning are some of the significant problems that plague most people of varying age groups. In 2019, the founders of Keshva Hair Care identified this prevalent issue among their friends. Recognising the severity of the problem and the lack of effective remedy, they looked deeper into the matter and tried finding a lasting solution.

Brand Mantra   

The idea was to curate nature and science-backed solutions for hair. Brand believes that synthetic products were incompatible with their upbringing on natural and Ayurvedic principles, thus sparking the inception of Keshva Hair Care.

Their search led them to the ageless wisdom of Ayurveda, a treasure trove of natural solutions for hair health. Armed with extensive research and guided by Ayurvedic principles, Keshva Hair Care began to revolutionize the health care practices. Their mission is to provide 100% natural, side-effect-free products tailored to individual needs and backed by the science of Ayurveda.

“Chemicals and artificial products weren’t an option,” they explain, “having grown up using natural and Ayurvedic remedies, we craved a long-lasting, holistic approach.”

Effective Products

Unlike fancy products that highly depend on chemical compositions, like Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Spironolactone, Keshva Hair Care relies more on Ayurveda and scientific procedures and indigenous products like herbs.

“Hair care isn’t just about products,” the brand creators remark. “It’s about understanding your body’s unique composition – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha – and choosing ingredients that harmonise with it.” This personalised approach sets Keshva apart, ensuring their products work for everyone, not just a select few.

Customer Satisfaction

The hair care brand’s success speaks volumes. Over 400 satisfied customers have seen their hair fall controlled, receding hairlines revived, and dandruff banished, all thanks to the power of nature.

One of the customers shared their experience: ‘I was suffering from a heavy hair fall… and my dr (doctor) suggested Minoxidil, but it didn’t work for me. I started following all your plans. Initially, I was not sure, but slowly, I got results. It’s been four months since my hair fall stopped 70% at age 35. I can’t believe it. ’

Additional Support

They offer comprehensive support, including:

  • Diet plans: They offer closely curated diet plans according to the client’s body type and hair needs, ensuring optimal nutrition for healthy hair growth.
  • Hygiene guidance: Customers receive personalised recommendations regarding proper hair care practices to complement their product routine.
  • Yoga routines: The brand shares yoga routines designed to promote scalp health and blood circulation.
  • Expert support: Clients can access specialists for additional guidance and personalised consultations.

Future Plans

Given the rising demand for natural or herb-based hair care products among customers, the brand will soon launch its natural hair care essentials, like the Keshva Natural Shampoo, Natural Hair Mask, and more.

The healthcare brand also plans to recruit expert hair care coaches as a part of their customer support plans. Prospective clients can expect much more services in the near future.

With its holistic approach, Keshva Hair Care is redefining hair care. They’re not just selling products; they’re empowering individuals to embrace their natural beauty, ayurvedic medicines, and traditional routines.

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