Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar: The Ace Entrepreneur and Maverick YouTuber from Assam who is famous for his extravagant bike trips

Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar: The Ace Entrepreneur and Maverick YouTuber from Assam who is famous for his extravagant bike trips
Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar

There are millions of influencers out there who are desperate to make an impact in society. Everyone craves fame, be it a novice or a professional. The thing that people usually ignore is the capability to maintain that fame.

Hailing from Guwahati, Assam, Entrepreneur and Biker Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar is the kind of person who not only earned fame real quick but also possessed the talent to maintain that fame. Let us learn how Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar keeps his more than 171k YouTube Subscribers entertained by his content.

Famous by the name Kongkon Talukdar over social media, the ace Entrepreneur and content creator Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar creates amazing content on a biker’s lifestyle and travel. He usually creates content in the regional language of Assam which is Assamese. In his content, he has covered Ladakh such as world highest top road KHARDUNGLA (17982 ft.) and Second highest top road of the world TAGLANGLA (17582 ft.)

In his videos Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar has also covered travelling in Pangong lake which has been one of most visually appealing videos in his Collection. One another great feet about his is that for one video, he completed 1000kms in 22 hours with a 200 cc motorcycle travelling from Muzaffarpur to New Delhi – Karol bagh. He has also done international trip to NEPAL and also travelled on one of most dangerous road of World the road to Muktinath temple lower mustang.

Entrepreneur Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar in his initial career didn’t get the fame and attention he is getting now. This is a time that comes in every Influencer’s life at least once, when they get discouraged and stop trying again. Even at such a stage, he never stopped making videos and instead of focusing on fame and attention, he always made sure that the quality of the content should be impressive and that it should connect with others. He believes in entertaining people with his quality content.

Today, Kongkon Jyoti Talukdar posts amazing videos and receives a lot of love and attention from the fans which he always deserved. Being a biker he is a wanderer, he loves to visit different places. He has posted many pictures of him, hanging out with friends, exploring different places and enjoying his life. He believes one should enjoy his/her life, they get it for once. “Never let that child inside you die” his policies say. To get connected with him and become a part of his biker lifestyle, you can visit his Instagram where he has more than 43k followers.

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