Lesfo Global: Spicing Up Street Food Industry with Unique Recipe and Design

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Lesfo Global, a rising name in the food industry, is transforming the street food culture into a chic culinary approach. The company aims to carve a niche by introducing low-budget outlets with a street vibe, featuring its unique recipe, the Lesfo Butter Tikka. Focused on enhancing the eating style of the middle and lower classes, Lesfo Global plans to modernise street food vending outlets to international standards, incorporating the latest technology and professional support.

The Founder’s Journey

The founder, Dr. Mohammad Afsal, was a working professional with a commerce background. In 2015, he began his career by managing commerce institutes, and after a year, he left for abroad. There, he was engaged in providing consultations to companies that were struggling to make profits. Later, in 2019, Dr. Afsal entered the food industry because his research led him there. 

On recognising the futuristic attributes of this industry, the founder opened his restaurant, where he implemented a few techniques to understand its efficacy. During COVID, he ran into trouble but continued to study risks in the food industry. His business experience, theoretical knowledge, and relentless pursuit for perfection lead him to produce the signature dish— the authentic butter tikka. Along with the co-founder, Mr Zakariyya Zubair, the founder, Dr Afsal, has embarked on a journey to elevate local food customs to global standards.

A Recipe for Success

Lesfo Global’s signature dish is the butter tikka recipe alongside a unique street food menu, all served in trendy, international-standard outlets. In addition to serving up tasty bites, the brand focuses on elevating the entire street food experience for both vendors and customers.

The food brand wasn’t born overnight. Years of research, trial and error, and learning from the challenges of the food industry have culminated in a bold vision: to make street food global, with a total of 1000 food outlets planned by 2029.

Empowering Local, Reaching Global

The company plans to give away 500 kebab stalls and 500 street food units across the globe to the public based on their edit. This unique initiative aims to promote local food cultures both nationally and internationally, nurturing a diverse and vibrant street food scene.

Lesfo Global— Modern Street Food

Lesfo Global aims to become synonymous with modern street food, a brand recognised for its delicious, affordable offerings and stylish ambience. Besides redefining the traditional street food culture, the Kerala-born company will pave the way for other entrepreneurs to feel involved and create many job opportunities.

While the food brand has yet to make its international debut, its story is already garnering attention. Featured in local publications, the company’s innovative approach and ambitious goals pique the interest of investors and food lovers alike.

For further information, please visit:- www.lesfoglobal.com

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