Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising announces free masterclass by VFX industry expert, Deepal Dass

Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising announces free masterclass by VFX industry expert Deepal Dass

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]: Pune-based Lexicon Institute of Media and Advertising, has announced a free masterclass to be helmed by Deepal Dass, VFX Team Lead at yFX Studios. The studio is Yash Raj Studio’s in-house VFX team which has been involved in the creating amazing visual effects for several films like War, Tiger Zinda Hai and Pathaan. The Masterclass by Deepal Dass will have him talking about the highlights and challenges while working on the movie Pathaan. Dass will also speak about the transformative role of VFX in the thriving film industry, emphasizing its potential to revolutionize entertainment.

The 6 hour workshop on Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) will provide participants with a hands-on learning experience of Stop Motion animation besides gaining a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of animation and VFX from a seasoned professional. They will also delve into the remarkable VF X campaigns that brought the film Pathaan to life. The workshop scheduled for Wednesday, 31 May 2023, will be held at the Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising, Wagholi, Pune.

Covering animation fundamentals as an introduction to animation, the workshop will explore diverse animation types, discusses the significance of animation and VFX in 2023, while analysing their pros and cons.

The workshop also focuses on teaching the basic techniques of Stop Motion animation thus empowering participants to harness the storytelling potential of this technique. Attendees will learn to create captivating storylines, characters, and plots while effectively managing the planning and organization process. Participants will learn about paying attention to detail and technical proficiency in cameras, lighting, and equipment during the story creation process.

This workshop is specifically designed for individuals who have a passion for creativity and a keen interest in the world of animation and VFX. Students, undergraduate students, graphic designers, character designers, environment artists, VFX artists, and anyone enthusiastic about learning about animation and VFX tools are encouraged to attend. This workshop serves as an opportunity to expand knowledge, acquire new skills, and network with professionals in the industry.

The workshop which covers the captivating realms of animation and VFX is aligned to the 3 Year Program in Animation & Media Studies being offered by the Lexicon Institute of Media and Advertising. The course covers animation, game design, and graphics over 6 semesters. The Institute also offers journalism studies covering print news, broadcast, social media, and digital media, mass communications, advertising and marketing as part of its 2 Year Program in Media Studies. The program which is divided into 4 semesters also has a capstone project to ensure students get experience solving real world work issues. The Institute also offers a plethora of short certification courses that help learners monetize the host of new professions that have proliferated in the wake of the social media boom.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a complimentary testing session by taking the Agile Neuro Aptitude Test that assesses their multiple intelligence quotient parameters. This evaluation will provide valuable insights into their learning style and innate personality traits, enabling them to make informed career choices aligned with their unique potential.

Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a special coupon code, providing free access to Lexicon Institute of Media & Advertising Scholarship Exam—a chance to unlock further educational opportunities.

Participants need to register at https://lexiconima.com/animationwave/

for the workshop scheduled for Wednesday, 31 May 2023. Workshop begins at 10 am.

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