Meet Rickshawpedia, Auto Rickshaw Video Advertisement: Innovative Way Of Advertising Your Brand

Meet Rickshawpedia Auto Rickshaw Video Advertisement: Innovative Way Of Advertising Your Brand

Rickshawpedia, which has its headquarters in Indore, is the first to provide auto-rickshaw video advertisements. Prabal Raverkar and Sumit Kaushal (CEO of Rickshawpedia) feel they have a practical business plan since Indore alone has 30,000 registered auto-rickshaws and is known as a standard for advertising anxious to acquire brand exposure in the Indian market.

In comparison to the other media agencies, Rickshawpedia worked on to give cost effective video advertising to the local businesses in Indore. Rickshawpedia brings up an innovative idea of advertising inside the auto-rickshaw. The first startup came up with the traditional mix of covering local regions.

Prabal and Sumit claim that their main purpose is just to meet their expenditures. They each invested 5 lac rupees to the startup’s launch. They intend to go far beyond merely placing the device in auto-rickshaws, expanding into far suburbs and customizing auto-rickshaw video ads.

Sumit adds that news coverage has already resulted in inquiries from neighboring cities as well as interest in Indore’s enterprises.

Rickshawpedia provides various costs for company owners and other event organizers to spread their messages in the Indore area. They provide many options ranging from 1 day to 7 days, as well as a monthly to yearly option for long-term or seasonal company owners. Unlike other media firms, Rickshawpedia has its unique approach of advertising the brand and services in the Indore region.

What Are the Additional Advantages of Auto-Rickshaw Video Ads?

Auto Rickshaw Video Ads hold passengers’ attention for a longer period of time than most other ad formats. On average, autos run for 10 hours every day. Auto rickshaws go at least 100 km. The cost per unique impression is lower than for other services.

The CEO of Rickshawpedia, Prabal and Sumit, expressed their joy and said that being the first Indian start-up to earn this honor from the audience demonstrates the company’s value proposition and product roadmap’s importance on a worldwide scale. This provides us with the motivation to grow our reach both within the nation and across important international markets in the near future, especially in light of our good success in the Indian market. The creator economy is set to develop rapidly, and we look forward to continuing to provide the most possibilities possible in this area, he added.

Rickshawpedia methodology offers unmatched transparency and equips any company, startup, or small or medium-sized organization (SME) to carry out effective traditional video marketing. “Sumit and Prabal recognise that Rickshawpedia scalable and transformative advertising solutions, advanced by its innovative business model, fundamentally disrupt the advertising agency model,” Sumit continued.

Offline or brick-and-mortar retailers are still thriving across video ads platforms now that they are back in business.

With the help of Rickshawpedia application, firms can check the views and playtime of the ads. Brands can get the freedom to select the plans as per their needs. For a better client experience, Rickshawpedia also offers creation of video ads with their specialized team.

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