Motorcycle Escapades: A Perfect Adventure Motorcycle Vacation Company

Motorcycle Escapades: A Perfect Adventure Motorcycle Vacation Company

Adventure road trips are one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism industry, most travel junkies are planning to take a vacation and go on an adventure road trip to an exotic and adventurous destination with their friends and family. Aiming to fulfill people’s long dreams, ‘Motorcycle Escapades’ is here to take off all the worries related to a Motorcycle Vacation.

Motorcycle vacation is a new trend where you can take your loved ones on an adventurous trip, most people think that Motorcycle trips are only for riders and family members and kids cannot join the trip, but that’s not true. Motorcycle Escapades brings a new way of Motorcycle Vacation, where you can enjoy both Motorcycle ride and your family members can also travel by luxurious 4×4 vehicles behind you.

A Bengaluru-based adventure road trip company “Motorcycle Escapades” is what we all have been waiting for. Since its inception, the company is bringing some adventure trips to Indian Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, Mount Everest base camp road trips, Mount Kailash trips, and many other exotic destinations like Bhutan, Srilanka, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Motorcycle Escapades: A Perfect Adventure Motorcycle Vacation Company

Founded by a visionary Entrepreneur “Deepak Chandrashekar” who got a decade of experience in handling such road trips across the globe and taking hundreds of people on an exotic Motorcycle Vacation. Speaking about his venture, he added “After covid 19, we are experiencing a significant increase in the adventure road trip segment, where a young educated youth of India has started to take an adventure road trip with their loved ones. We understand the problem statement, not everyone likes to travel on a Motorcycles, so we have provided an option of Motorcycle vacation, where a rider can enjoy a guided motorcycle trip whereas the rest of his family and friends can follow them on Luxurious 4×4 cars. We tested this option in 2019, but during this pandemic, we saw this category of trips is taking shape.

With the flexibility in our trip structure, we provide them an option of choosing the right destinations and durations according to their preference. One can choose an adventure trip from 6 days to 21 days duration and difficulty level from easy to Extreme. We have different options; one can select Trans Himalayas for the ultimate adventure road trip or one can choose Rajasthan for a fun-loving bike trip. He also added that all their Tour leaders come with years of experience in handling such trips and they are very well trained to handle any hurdles during such trips.

Motorcycle escapades have completed 10 groups this year for Ladakh itself and said there is a huge potential in the coming years and they are planning to come up with multiple cross country road trips like Indo-Bhutan Road trips, Mount Everest Road trips, and many more. The objective of the company is not only to provide good quality motorcycles but also to empower people who have never engaged in bike riding tours making it an ideal choice for young motorcycle fanatics and enthusiasts.


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