Narkha Rakes in 1.5 Million INR Revenue During Founder’s College Years

Narkha,, tech innovator, Ashutosh Shukla, Jai Supreeth,

In the heart of innovation and youthful ambition, has emerged as a beacon of success, celebrating a remarkable journey from a college startup to an astounding 1.5 Million INR in revenue during the founders’ college years. This inspiring tale speaks directly to the aspirations of college students, showcasing the power of passion, innovation, and collaboration.

The College Years: A Playground for Innovation

Founded in the second year of their engineering college by tech innovator Ashutosh Shukla and business-savvy Jai Supreeth, began as a dream to blend technology with fashion seamlessly. From the bustling campus life, the duo embarked on a mission to redefine the shopping experience for the dynamic tastes of the Indian youth.

Tech Meets Fashion: Augmented Reality Merchandise’s game-changing use of augmented reality merchandise was only possible with the minds behind it. Ashutosh Shukla, with his razor-sharp software development skills and Jai Supreerth’s keen understanding of engineering principles, tackled the technical challenges head-on, paving the way for this innovative fashion experience.

Quality at the Heart of the Brand

In the early days, recognised the need for quality apparel at affordable prices. This commitment to excellence quickly became a core strength, resonating with a diverse demographic of college students who sought stylish yet budget-friendly clothing options.

Strategic Collaborations and Credibility Boost

Strategic partnerships with influential figures from HYPD and esteemed universities like the Indian Institute of Science mark the brand’s journey. These partnerships not only showcase’s credibility but also serve as an inspiration to young minds, proving that collaboration and innovation are the keys to success.

Streetwear Focus: Riding the Wave of Trends’s focus on streetwear fashion has been pivotal in staying ahead of trends and continuously innovating in this space. For the youth, by the youth – the brand understands the market’s pulse, offering a dynamic range that resonates with the ever-evolving fashion preferences of college students.

Building a Community: More Than Just Clothing

Beyond being a clothing brand, wants to create a community where people can voice their beliefs and stand for change. This community-centric approach fosters a deeper connection with customers, turning into more than just a brand – a movement.

The Future Vision: Offline Stores and Global Impact

As looks ahead, the founders envision offline stores across India and continuous product innovation that will impact fashion enthusiasts globally. The journey from a college startup to a thriving enterprise is a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and the belief that innovation knows no bounds.

To every college student navigating the exciting world of ideas and aspirations, let be a guiding light – a testament that your dreams are not only valid but can also turn into a reality that resonates with millions. Elevate your vision, embrace innovation, and watch your dreams take flight – just like did during the college years!

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