NE-ORGANICS: Empowering Local Farmers and Consumers Through Organic Products

NE-ORGANICS Empowering Local Farmers and Consumers Through Organic Products

Itanagar, (Arunachal Pradesh) [India], May 16, 2024: NE-ORGANICS, a pioneering startup founded by Mr. Nima Sona in 2021, is making waves in the direct selling industry by offering organic and indigenous products sourced from the rich lands of North East India. With a vision for sustainable development, NE-ORGANICS empowers local farmers while providing consumers with healthy and authentic choices.

Mr. Nima Sona, boasting over 9 years of experience in technology and the direct selling industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to NE-ORGANICS. Inspired by his time with Life Sensing Technology, a US-based company, Mr. Sona sought to create his own legacy. His vision extends beyond financial freedom and international exposure. He aspires to empower others by becoming a coach and advocate for entrepreneurship.

NE-ORGANICS holds the distinction of being Arunachal Pradesh’s first direct selling company focused solely on organic and indigenous products. This unique approach taps into a growing consumer trend craving healthy and sustainable alternatives. This method is not only commendable but necessary in today’s rapidly degrading environmental landscape.

The company prioritizes sourcing ingredients directly from local farmers, ensuring fair prices and supporting the region’s agricultural economy. By supporting local farmers and entrepreneurs, NE-ORGANICS contributes significantly to Arunachal Pradesh’s economic growth. NE-ORGANICS provides educational programs and entrepreneurship training, fostering a culture of self-reliance and financial independence.

Looking forward, NE-ORGANICS’ vision encompasses a self-sustaining ecosystem through their line of organic products and the empowerment of local farmers. They aim not only to sell products but to foster a healthy lifestyle for all while waving the flag for sustainable development practices. With each step forward, they are steering our society towards a more secure, healthy, and prosperous future.

Embrace the journey with NE-ORGANICS, where every product bought is a step towards a healthier lifestyle and a stronger community. (

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