One of India’s leading oncologists, Dr. Durgatosh Pandey believes in a Cancer-free India

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New Delhi, [India], May 17, 2024: Cancer still remains a constant healthcare challenge among mankind. Dr. Durgatosh Pandey, a Dhanbad-born surgical oncologist with exceptional qualifications and experience, has emerged as a thought leader in improving cancer care across India. His impactful work is making a significant difference in the fight against the still dreaded disease.

Dr. Pandey brings a wealth of expertise to his position as Consultant and Head of Surgical Oncology, Chief of Oncology Sciences, at Manipal Hospitals, New Delhi.

He is also the Chief of Onco-Sciences, North-West Cluster of Manipal Hospitals and specialises in Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic cancers and Thoracic cancers.

His impressive career spans prestigious institutions like Artemis, AIIMS (Delhi), Max Super Speciality Hospital(Delhi) and Tata Memorial Hospitals (Varanasi).

“I am dedicated to creating a cancer-free India,” says Dr. Pandey. “Throughout my entire medical career, I have worked to enhance oncology programs and prepare future generations of cancer specialists.”

Dr. Pandey was instrumental in creating clinical and research protocols at the Tata Memorial Centre in Varanasi, where he led the Surgical Oncology department to exponential development in just 4 years. He also oversaw the establishment of other academic programs, such as M.Ch. (Surgical Oncology) and DM (Medical Oncology).

Dr. Pandey’s leadership extends beyond medical excellence. He served as Deputy Director of the Tata Memorial Centre (Varanasi), overseeing operational activities. Furthermore, his problem-solving skills and administrative acumen ensured smooth functioning within the Healthcare domain.

Currently, Dr. Pandey is utilizing his expertise and creating a thought-leadership at Manipal Hospitals where he is responsible for building Oncology programs for their upcoming hospitals in North and West India. This includes standardising best practices, care pathways, and clinical outcomes within these new facilities.

Dr. Pandey is an avid advocate for knowledge-sharing. He mentors junior and mid-level surgical oncologists, thereby creating the next generation of cancer specialists that India very much needs. His ongoing commitment to medical education extends to drafting 89 articles and 22 abstracts in peer-reviewed journals, and counting.

Apart from medical accomplishments, Dr. Pandey has a strong interest in mathematics, physics, philosophy, and music. His book, “A Peep Into Void,” delves into physics and philosophy, reflecting his intellectual curiosity. 

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