Parakkat Jewels: Shining bright in the world of jewellery as a trusted and high-quality brand.

Parakkat Jewels: Shining bright in the world of jewellery as a trusted and high-quality brand.

Founded by ace entrepreneur Prakash Parakkat, Parakkat Jewels has come a long way in the industry.

There have been too many success stories that people have taken inspiration from across different industries and sectors of the world. However, have all of them gone ahead in impacting people’s mindsets for the better? Well, only a handful of such brands and businesses have shone brighter in their industry and have proved how a strong vision and aim of a brand can make it to the forefront of its niche. Parakkat Jewels are one such incredible jewellery brand, all about 24 carat Gold layered ornaments, being the #1 in the world to do so. It has been founded by Prakash Parakkat and managed by his wife Preethi Parakkat, whereas their son and entrepreneur Abhishek Parakkat looks after the marketing and management of the brand. Abhishek has bought about digital presence in the business globally. It has definitely been shining brighter than other jewellery brands in the industry and thus has become a sought-after choice for many jewellery lovers and customers.

Parakkat Jewels have an exclusive online store that showcases the honesty, transparency, and authenticity of the brand, under the leadership of Prakash Parakkat, a businessman who has offered people nothing but the best with his brand Parakkat Jewels. The brand’s 24 carat Gold layered ornaments have stunned people and have developed more intrigue and interest in them to know more about the one-of-a-kind jewellery brand and also have made them feel compelled to buy from them. What has made Parakkat Jewels attain so much momentum and success in the industry is its priceless legacy is, one gram of gold jewellery. It is a pioneering brand to do so, which has earned it millions of customers. The brand’s customer service and its incredible pieces of jewellery all have made it a top-notch choice for people and a trusted brand, even amidst much competition.

Parakkat Jewels are committed to continuing to serve all its customers with 100% honesty and great quality products. It is aimed at preserving the Kerala traditional ornament design and is working toward enlightening the world to buy pure gold as a saving asset. The brand’s first showroom started in 1990 in Kalady in Ernakulam district, and today it has spread its wing with its online website, over 100 showrooms, and lakhs of loyal customers.

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