“Powerful idea to deliver news and justice, Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati, Founder & CEO News TV India”

Powerful idea to deliver news and justice Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati Founder & CEO News TV India
Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati Rajasthan High Court Jodhpur, Founder & CEO, News TV India.

It is said that accurate news creates an atmosphere of harmony in the society. And somewhere over the years Narayan Singh Bhati is doing the same work through News TV India along with the presenting of his advocate and that too with full sincerity.

Where nowadays people exchange news on the basis of confused information there, by wearing a black coat with such a vow that accurate information reaches everyone, Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati is doing the work of changing the ideology of these two presents. So that this perception ends among the common people and they understand that whether it is about accurate news or it comes to getting justice. Then, as everyone has been relying on him till date, keep this up in the same way. Due to his simple nature, he went on connecting people step by step in this fight to get justice to the law and to make accurate news with every common man.

And along with this, by playing his role in social concern work in the same way, he also did the work of removing the illusion of the common man that the law is equal for all and He does justice. As a lawyer, the way he did the work of getting justice for all is praiseworthy in itself. His simplicity is his identity as a lawyer is known to have a tough attitude and know the legal tricks but this simplicity of his is what sets him apart from everyone else due to being respected in every form.

Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati is an advocate of Rajasthan High Court and He is the Founder and CEO of News TV India. For the last 7 years, News TV India has been raising issues of public concern prominently.

Along with this, Narayan Singh Bhati is also associated with “I Vikas  Sewa Sansthan, through which the victims help the deprived, exploited and needy people. Narayan Singh Bhati had helped many poor people even during the Corona period. Narayan Singh Bhati is an educationist, he is pursuing PhD after LLB, LLM in the field of advocacy.

For the last 7 years, through his news channel News TV India, he is also doing the work of awakening every common and special person with complete devotion. And through this, he also tells the people related to the law, understanding which every common man can fight his own battle. We are continuously taking the work of removing all the misconceptions related to the law as a mission so that everyone becomes aware and everyone can get justice.

Advocate Narayan Singh Bhati had come to this profession with the aim that everyone should get fair, timely justice and truthful news. And in this process, he can play his part in getting them justice by becoming their assistant. Along with this, through his news TV India channel, he also brings the issues of social concern directly and indirectly to everyone with continuity. He says that in this process of getting justice and correct news, he will continue to fight for them by working beyond his capacity in this way. And Along with making everyone aware about the judicial process through our news channel, we will continue the work of clearing the misconceptions related to it.

Check out Narayan Singh Bhati (@advocatensbhati): https://twitter.com/advocatensbhati. And News Tv India (@newstvindia24x7): https://twitter.com/newstvindia24x7.

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