Rocking 2022 for ZORKO Brand with 80+ Outlets in record 8 months Visionary approach by the Nahar brothers

Rocking 2022 for ZORKO Brand with 80+ Outlets in record 8 months Visionary approach by the Nahar brothers

ZORKO Brand was founded in Surat, Gujarat, India in 2021 by Nahar brothers (Anand Nahar & Amrit Nahar). The name ZORKO is derived from the word Marwadi slang word Jorko which in Hindi means Jabardast. Nahar brothers, the founders are both engineering graduate with no formal degree in business.

In 21st Century, FastFood is an integral part of a large majority of Indian home and different varieties of FastFood are also not alien to most of the Indians. ZORKO Brand, however, created an entire ecosystem of Opening the Franchise smoothly with less investment and higher returns. With there, futuristic Vision , Passion and Hardwork, ZORKO Brand has expanded to 80+ Outlets in 30+ Cities and 4+ States in record breaking 8 months. It looks impossible but this had been made possible by exceptionally passionate Nahar brothers. ZORKO Brand is focused on making more than 1000+ FoodPreneurs across India.

Currently, company’s turnover has 300% YoY growth. ZORKO Brand had received tremendous acceptance from people across all age groups in very less time. Nahar brothers had always emphasis on accurate money management, Fun loving but disciplined life-style and superior employment relationship for exponential growth. ZORKO Brand is one of the best option available for someone thinking to start a food franchise business. ZORKO Brand had also been approached internationally to open outlets in USA and Canada. ZORKO Brand has a cult fan base of GenZ and Millenials spending their daily time at cafe. ZORKO Brand Cafe is not only place to enjoy food, it is place to discuss innovation, to have deep discussions, Spiritual Conversation and to explore Human potential. Nahar brothers inspires Youth to discuss about ideas instead of gossips. The vision of Nahar brothers for an ideal cafe is ahead of it’s time but worth implementing.

“Ideas can be copied but Vision Can’t” well said by Nahar brothers.

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