SEM Fitness Academy Announces Fitness Trainer Courses in India

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New Delhi, [India]: SEM Fitness Academy, a leading provider of fitness education established in 2019, is proud to announce its comprehensive program of certified fitness and gym trainer courses in India. 

These courses equip aspiring trainers with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the fitness industry. Led by experienced instructors, the program offers in-depth training in:  

  • Strength & Conditioning: Develop personalised programs to improve clients’ strength, power, and athletic performance.
  • Functional Training: Learn to design workouts that mimic everyday movements, enhancing overall fitness and mobility.
  • Weightlifting: Master proper lifting techniques for various weightlifting exercises, ensuring safety and maximising results.
  • CrossFit Movements: Gain expertise in the diverse movements that form the core of CrossFit training.

An Academy Driven by Passion

SEM Fitness Academy is led by Munny Sharma, a renowned fitness professional and the youngest Sports President of Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) for 2019-24. He has also obtained a master’s degree in sports science. With achievements including an 8th rank in Asia at the CrossFit Open 2018 and the title of India’s Fittest Teen, Munny Sharma brings a wealth of experience and a solid vision to inspire a healthier India.

SEM Fitness Academy is committed to providing high-quality education that empowers individuals to become certified fitness trainers and coaches. Through this program, aspiring professionals can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to impact their clients’ lives positively.

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