The Grand Bhakti TV Koti Deeposthavam is on

The Grand Bhakti TV Koti Deeposthavam is on

It’s that time of the year, when we all meet together for an event of Lights, to celebrate during the divine Karthika Masam, Bhakti TV Koti Deeposthavam.

Koti Deeposthavam is the only place where all your senses will feel heightened pleasure all at once. You ear divine shlokas, mantras, chants and pravachanas (preaching) from scholars while you see the grand Shiva – Keshava idols being decorated in different styles like never before. You can almost smell the divinity in the vicinity and your skin gets the goosebumps of unreal pleasure. You can taste the great godly gift of divine satisfaction along with some tasty Prasadam.

No.1 Telugu News Channel and Bhakti TV have come together again for Koti Deeposthavam this year and this is the 11th time, we are conducting this great festival of lights.

The Grand Event will be held at NTR Stadium, Hyderabad from 31st October to 14th November. Please be there with your family members, relatives and pilgrims who wish to bask in the divinity.

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