The Psychological Impact of Today’s Students Progression

The current situation is the psychological impact of students on them. “Tolerance”, an important psychological trait, is becoming less prevalent among students today. Daniel Goleman, a psychologist, states unequivocally that emotional intelligence is a vital one in all human beings. Emotional Intelligence is concerned with resolving emotional issues such as emotional outbursts and psychologically hurting students, which lead to students engaging in violence.

Students are not able to tolerate even a minor issue which they encounter in the due course of their course. They magnify a minor issue and lead to a conflict, turmoil, and other socially and culturally unacceptable problems in society. Educators, parents, guardians, and social activists shall instil the art of ‘tolerance’ in students.  The most important skill which is needed today is emotional intelligence. A student is endowed with a wealth of knowledge, energy, socially accepted character. The absence of a very important psychological attribute of emotional intelligence, a student’s wealth of knowledge and energy go astray and unutilised. Intellectual labour and physical labour of a student can be used to describe a student’s knowledge resource. The knowledge resource is not utilized properly and productively due to lack of emotional intelligence.

Furthermore, knowledge and physical labour, as well as the money and material means are necessary for a decent life. The chain of social progress is blocked due to lack emotional well-being. A society is built along this “Resource Chain”. The prosperous social structure comes to a halt in the absence of the key attribute of emotional intelligence. One can label someone as emotionally, physically, socially, economically, or academically weak. We need to be more aware of how one is emotionally weak rather than the other factors.  A student’s emotional development and progress are to be stronger. One must consider this as a psychological factor.

We need to boost the mental comfort a little here. It is an important factor not only for students, but also for society as a whole. As a result, there is an environment in which students require assistance, such as psychological counselling and emotional hygiene. A student’s parents also play an important role in this. It is risky for students to make decisions at such a young age without having proper emotional well-being. Now a days, students are conditioned to make a wrong decision at times of crisis without informing or seeking advice from their parents, and without seeking comfort from the teacher. The future and current social structure in which we live would be very concerning if it could not continue to withstand such minor sufferings, hardships, and humiliations. Our social structure and community should also assist students in developing their ability of tolerance. “Students of twenty first century must gain a basic understanding of society, and society in twenty first century must gain a basic understanding of students”. Failure is a common event among the students that can lead to one’s claim being denied. It is to firmly comprehend that no one can constantly undergo failures. Here, the art of tolerance is earned a little by a little through various factors, importing training, awareness program periodically, healthy activities to shape a well-structured society. The students shall understand the righteous advice and counselling for their prosperous future. If students lack the art and skill of tolerance, even for a minor issue, there is a social sick. Students’ energy and resource should be converted into another either in the form of money or good will or behavioural hygiene good social construction to uphold a society stronger.  

By: Veeramani, S.


Head, Department of English,

Government Arts and Science College

Lalgudi – Tamilnadu 621712.

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