Traveling Transformed My Life 360 Degrees: Pankaj Nath, Marketing Head, Zee Digital

Traveling Transformed My Life 360 Degrees: Pankaj Nath Marketing Head Zee Digital
Pankaj Nath Marketing Head Zee Digital

New Delhi : Sharing his story of “How travel changed my life for better”, Out to Roam blogger Pankaj Nath talks about his passion for travelling and how he has started to see travel as a life-changer instead of a way to escape. Pankaj Nath heads the Marketing Team at Zee Digital and he is equally satisfied with his corporate job as with his love for travelling.  His experiences and transformation will also rekindle your passion to travel and will compel you to pack your bags and hit a new place to find yourself.

While sharing his journey, Pankaj accepts the fact that initially travelling was only a way to escape from a mundane life being spent behind the computer screen but now the meaning of travel for him has completely changed. He further says that the fervour and educational encounter that happens while travelling is not normal and landing on different locations every time is truly groundbreaking for him.

Traveling not only makes you explore places but also helps you explore different cultures, values, lifestyle and language of love that develops a sense of empathy in you and makes you a complete new individual. It lets you see the world and people from the same lenses and will teach you to rise above the petty mindset of discrimination.

Counting his blessings, Pankaj Nath says, “Before I began travelling compulsively to rejuvenate, I would actually keep looking back at my life and feel how sad and mundane it was. But when I began travelling to the richest and the best locations of India, along with the tiny hamlets of this diverse country (deprived of even basic needs), it was only then it dawned on me how lucky I was! How blessed I was to be able to afford the luxury of travelling, thanks to my job!”

Traveling is a feast for the eyes. The beauty and mystic visuals will make you stop, live that moment, imbibe those sights, sounds, aromas and vibes. At that moment you want to forget everything and live in the moment thus teaching us to unplug, explore and discover new moods of ourselves where we learn to let go of what is redundant.

Adjusting with time and situations comes when you travel, believes Pankaj Nath. To support his saying he shares one of his instances when he happened to miss his connecting flight and got stuck in a city for a day that was not on his itinerary. The situation does not make him angry or frustrated with himself which was more than natural but he started to think about how to explore the place, make the most of the day and then resume the journey from the next day. This was an add on for him because he chose to see it that way, so travelling definitely teaches you the art of being happy in all situations.

When you start to travel to different lands you will soon realise that no matter how different people are or the way they live, there is something in common to all – their inherent goodness in most of them and their open arms to embrace you, even if as a tourist. This love beyond the cultural borders is the strongest common thread that ties us all together.  Traveling makes you a better human and also improves your mental well being.

So, taking inspiration from Pankaj Nath, who is balancing his life beautifully with a corporate job for living and travelling to maintain his sanity, one should definitely plan a trip but surely taking into consideration all Covid19 precautions and measures.

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