Unusual Digital Introduces One-Page Profitable Websites for Coaches 

Unusual Digital Introduces One-Page Profitable Websites for Coaches

To support the growing coaching industry and encourage solo entrepreneurs to utilize digital better, Unusual Digital introduces an entry-level microsite plan for coaches at $199 only.

Led by Co-founders Aditya Shrivastava and Sunita Biddu, Unusual Digital implements a five-step website architecture approach, ensuring high conversions and visitor retention. Known for on-time delivery and sleek, modern aesthetics, they have helped several coaches establish a profitable lead generation system using a well planned website for coaches.

Sunita Biddu, the Co-founder and Digital Business Coach, briefs on the vision, “Our core goal is to empower coaches and small business owners to dominate their industry with profitable digital footprints. I’ve witnessed my coaching website and blog contribute to 80% of my revenue, and we aim to replicate this success for every coach.”

Unusual Digital recently expanded its services by introducing SEO services for coaches. With a focus on organic and high-intent traffic, they have already started to demonstrate top rankings and generate leads for early SEO campaign adopters.

A Mutual Funds Distributor, Sandeep Bhuwania, shares his experience, “The Attention to detail while designing the website was par excellence and the USP of your team. Most website development teams want to get the work done as fast as possible with the sole emphasis on aesthetics and without due attention to the content and the purpose of the site. The efforts by the team to understand our business and the comprehensive questionnaire you sent not only helped create the right content but also helped us think about our business with better clarity. 

Life and clarity coach, Dolveen Bhatti expressed her gratitude to the team, “Thank you, Unusual Digital team, for the ease of working with you. You make me and my work look good with the website design. I’ve got the one-word feedback for the website – sleek and superb.”

Though Unusual Digital helps clients enter the market by offering a one-page microsite package for coaches at a pocket-friendly price of $199, for those seeking comprehensive, feature-rich, SEO-ready websites, they provide a full-fledged solution at $799 and $1200. 

A great starting point is to utilize their free website audit for coaches whose current websites cannot generate leads.

About Unusual Digital

Unusual Digital is emerging as a visionary force in website design, shaping digital footprints for coaches worldwide. The agency has established a successful business with 100% virtual operation that gives freedom of working, space and time to its team members and clients alike.

For more information on Unusual Digital’s services and to explore the possibilities of a compelling online presence, please visit www.unusualdigital.com

Contact Details:

Aditya Shrivastava and Sunita Biddu

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.unusualdigital.com

Telephone: +91-9810253585

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