What makes film content relevant in today’s time and age? Read on to know more.

What makes film content relevant in today's time and age? Read on to know more.
Vijaygiri Bava

Vijaygiri Bava, a popular director from the Gujarati film industry, comes forward to give his opinion on the same.

Isn’t it astounding to know and learn about all those industries and the many people working in the same, crossing boundaries to reach their highest potential and the highest realms of success? It is more than essential today to learn about the successes of these industries and the astute minds who brought more glory for them, just like the entertainment and the film world, which has worldwide brought much growth, success, development, and glory to the people involved and most importantly to the films and projects made. Considered as one of the Best Gujarati Movie Directors and a Top Film Director in India, Vijaygiri Bava, comes forward to explain what really makes a film’s content relevant in today’s time and age.

Today, most of the audiences that go to the theatres to watch films are the youth. Producers and directors are aware of this and have done their research and homework well about what they need to create to serve these young audiences, who have the tendency to hardly get attached to film stories or the whole vibe of the film, the reason being, the amount of content that is already available everywhere, even on the tips of their fingers with OTT shows, web series, and films. To cater to them, Vijaygiri Bava, the Indian filmmaker, and screenwriter who primarily works in the Gujarati film industry, says movies become “important” and “relevant” when they deal with important topics and stories that need the attention of people. “Basically, these are stories that are needed to be told to the audiences,” says the one, who is already seen as the Best Gujarati Film Director.

Just like people seek quality in buying products/services from brands, they also seek quality in films, especially the youth, who are way beyond their age. A film that displays a unique artistic vision, and thoughtful storytelling, exudes powerful emotions, and shows the technical mastery makes for a great cinema experience.

Touching topics that are ongoing in the world or topics that people feel the need to say out loud or haven’t been spoken about enough in films are stories that today can easily touch a person’s heart. Such stories go ahead in becoming relevant, which automatically connects more with the audiences and most often go ahead in becoming hits.

Vijaygiri Bava (@vijaygiribava) is the one who successfully runs his film production house Vijaygiri Filmos and the one who helmed projects like Premji: Rise of a Warrior (2015), Montu Ni Bittu (2019), and 21mu Tiffin (2021).

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