Aakarshan Foundation Shines Bright with Rural India Theme & Zero Membership, Waste and Plastic Durga Puja, Uniting Cultures

Aakarshan Foundation Shines Bright with Rural India Theme & Zero Membership, Waste and Plastic Durga Puja, Uniting Cultures

Gurugram, [India] October 14, 2023: Aakarshan Foundation, a renowned non-profit organization, is taking a revolutionary step this festive season by celebrating Durga Puja with a powerful message of sustainability. The foundation’s Durga Puja event promises to be a game-changer with its unique features of “Zero Membership, Zero Waste, and Zero Plastic.” This initiative is spearheaded by the visionaries Bishwajit Roy Gupta, Amit Sangwan, and Geetika Das, powered by Karambir Singh, 121 Reality.

India’s festive season is traditionally marked by grand celebrations and cultural events. However, these festivities often result in massive environmental and social challenges, including increased waste generation and plastic pollution. Aakarshan Foundation, led by a team of environmentally conscious individuals – Rishi Agarwal and Piyali Ghosh Agarwal, aims to set a new standard for celebration, emphasizing sustainable practices while preserving the essence of tradition.


Bishwajit Roy Gupta, with a background in social entrepreneurship, Bishwajit has been at the forefront of numerous such initiatives. His passion for preserving culture while mitigating environmental harm has driven this project.

Amit Sangwan is an environmentalist with a deep love for nature. He believes that every individual’s actions, even during festive times, can make a significant impact on the environment.

Geetika Das is an advocate for social change and has actively worked towards creating a better society. Her dedication to the cause is evident in this groundbreaking initiative.

Karambir Singh, from 121 Reality, provides the necessary support and resources to help bring this unique vision to life. His company’s backing showcases the commitment of the business community to support sustainability initiatives.

Aakarshan Foundation’s Durga Puja focuses on three core principles:

Zero Membership: Unlike traditional Puja committees that require hefty memberships and contributions, Aakarshan Foundation has made membership entirely voluntary and free. Anyone who wishes to participate can join without financial barriers, making the event more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Zero Waste: The foundation has implemented an elaborate waste management plan to ensure minimal environmental impact. This includes segregating waste at source, encouraging composting, and using eco-friendly materials. Their “Zero Waste” goal is supported by informative sessions and community engagement activities to educate participants about responsible waste disposal.

Zero Plastic: Aakarshan Foundation is committed to reducing plastic use during the event. Plastic products like single-use cutlery and decorations are replaced with sustainable alternatives made from biodegradable materials. The organizers are also promoting the use of reusable bags and containers. Foundation have also started an Initiative – #BYOBottle “bring your own bottle” to replace plastic bottles used in every event.

Geetika Das along with Subash Saha, Chitra Saha, Tulika Singh, Maruti Sharma, Madhumita Yadav, Ankhi Deb and Lokesh Yadav who leads the Cultural Integration division of the foundation, shared, “We believe that culture is not bound by borders; it is a shared human experience. Our Durga Puja celebration is a testament to this belief. We welcome people from diverse backgrounds and communities to come together and participate in the festivities. This cultural amalgamation showcase the beautiful tapestry of India’s diversity.”

Bishwajit Roy Gupta, Founder & Trustee of Foundation along with Atar Singh Sangwan, Abhay Mittra, Chandana Mittra, Abhishek Mukherjee, Abhijit Deb, Aditya Mukerjee and Smriti Mukerjee additionally have organized art exhibitions and workshops to engage local artisans and celebrate their talent, further promoting the “vocal for local” concept. This approach not only respects tradition but also empowers local communities.

Aakarshan Foundation’s Durga Puja is an inspiring example of how cultural celebrations and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. Their dedication to making the event accessible, eco-friendly, and plastic-free is a testament to the potential for positive change when visionaries and community leaders come together for a common cause.

As the Durga Puja festivities approach, Aakarshan Foundation’s initiative is poised to set a new standard for future celebrations in India. By prioritizing sustainability and inclusivity, they are demonstrating that traditional festivities can evolve with the times and become a force for good in the modern world.

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