Humanaro Foundation conducted an awareness campaign by distributing saplings on World Environmental Day

Humanaro Foundation conducted an awareness campaign by distributing saplings on World Environmental Day

The Humanaro Foundation distributed seedlings on June 5, 2024, in celebration of World Environment Day, to raise public awareness and prevent global warming. As they distributed seedlings in this intense heat today, the Humanaro Foundation team conveyed this message. It was assumed that the best way to help cleanse the environment would be to plant as many trees as possible in empty spaces as the recent climatic conditions and rising temperatures have shown that it was of utmost importance to plant more and more saplings to save the environment for future generations.

According to the foundation’s founder, Kumar Vishal, every volunteer and member works incredibly hard for the betterment of society. He indicated that they intended to launch several further environmental initiatives soon, aimed at enlightening the public about a range of environmental problems and their remedies in addition to improving the city’s green space. He went on to say that the foundation’s members encouraged the locals to plant numerous plants and trees and to preserve trees while they were distributing saplings.

Along with other key participants, Kishan Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, and Vivek Kumar continued to be involved in this initiative.

Needless to say, the overall development of the country is strongly dependent on environmental protection. Every country wants economic growth and development to be established and to make it possible the contribution of biodiversity is a must. Humanaro Foundation is creating Awareness of environmental protection as human awareness also needs to be developed about the need to preserve the environment by preventing adverse impacts on nature.

By using numerous strategies, such as planting trees, the Humanaro Foundation is contributing significantly to the preservation of the planet Earth, enabling the development of more green cities and the maintenance of a clean environment. Every year the Humanaro Foundation also launched an environmental protection awareness campaign.

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