“Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino are my inspirations” says actor Aman Singh

“Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino are my inspirations” says actor Aman Singh
Actor Aman Singh

Actor Aman Singh aka Amandeep Singh has been a part of several TV commercials, theatre plays as well as films. Aman, who started his career as a model, has given some award-winning performances on screen. He admires Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino when it comes to acting. Aman Singh shares, “Acting comes to me naturally and I feel Big B and Al Pacino are the two actors who are very natural. They perform each and every role with so much ease and comfort. That’s what inspires me. I look upto them as an actor.”

Talking about his journey in the entertainment industry, Aman adds, “I always wanted to be an actor and thus joined Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute in New York City to polish my acting skills. My first theatre project was ‘A Sketch of New York’, a long-running satirical sketch comedy show. I shot for various commercials and was also a part of campaign promoting Broadway musical ‘The Lion King’. So, it’s been a great journey so far.”

Aman Singh was also a part of TV show ‘Narcissists of New York City’. For his role in film ‘Look In My Eyes’, Aman Singh won Best Supporting Actor award at the Cult Film Festival. Speaking about the project that’s closest to his heart, Aman Singh adds, “Recently I was cast as Victor in a staged reading of the popular feminist play Yerma originally written by Federico García Lorca. That role left a deep impression on me. It was one of those roles that explore the depths of human condition.”

Aman believes that time is ripe and exciting for Indian Film Industry. Specially OTT platform which has given opportunities to deserving actors and opened a plethora of prospects for actors across. Different genre of stories are explored and risks taken. He is also in talks with couple of producers for OTT shows and hopes to announce it soon.

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