Atelierish Media is all set for 2023 – Anupal Chakraborty

Atelierish Media is all set for 2023 - Anupal Chakraborty
Anupal Chakraborty

At age 21, Anupal Chakraborty the co-founder of Atelierish Media is managing 20+ brands with over 8+ team members.

The online marketing world is evolving, and the future of digital marketing is promisingly bright and secure. Majorly companies worldwide have already adopted the industry’s Digital marketing strategies, and more are likely to join the list to make a place for themselves in the digital world.

The rise of digital marketing needs for businesses in the world is giving rise to new generation marketing agencies like Atelierish Media.

Founded in 2019 by Anupal Chakraborty and Anshul Mishra. Atelierish is a growing international digital marketing agency which helps startups and D2C build their Online Presence.

Anupal and Anshul’s vision with Atelierish Media is to build one of the best Metaverse marketing company in the world. Currently, Atelierish Media provide end to end digital marketing services for startups and d2c brands which includes performance marketing, PR, Social media management, performance marketing and website Development. They have worked with 60+ businesses in last 4 years based in 7 different countries: United States, UK, Australia, India, Dubai, Nigeria and Kuwait.

At this young age Anshul and Anupal is running a 7 figures company with 20 team or experts in their industry.

Anupal Chakraborty is slowly creating a sensation in the digital market with his skill and techniques.

The digital market industry is the most growing market in the modern world. It has made business even more convenient with its worldwide reach.

The post-Corona world has changed consumer behaviour and has transformed them into the age of hyper-adoption. Today, while brands focus on the competition, they also have to invest in creating better experiences for their existing customers to retain them. Making the right relationships with the customers in the omnichannel world and engaging them with the right communication at the relevant moment and appropriate medium is the need of the hour for all brands.

Coming from the city Kolkata, Anupal Chakraborty is yet to set a new example.

Young entrepreneurs have become icons for youth as their work has positively impacted the digital world and the development of the nation.

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