Author Soumya D Jena’s book ‘The Woman, the Lake, the Sea, the Woman’ is an ode to feminism

Author Soumya D Jena's book ‘The Woman, the Lake, the Sea, the Woman’ is an ode to feminism

In the past, women have been able to do anything, but that hasn’t always been the message we hear in the media or in popular culture. The literary world is currently overflowing with tales of women’s bravery, tenacity, perseverance, humor, and determination, making this the best time to seek inspiring novels for women. Similarly, Author Soumya D Jena has released his new book – ‘The Woman, the Lake, the Sea, the Woman’. This book lets you discover that women, though always underestimated and considered a weak part of society, are actually the backbone of this entire world. It’s a woman who teaches you to aim high and helps you fight against all odds. But what about the woman’s own identity? Why is her life always under the question of family and society? Answering all these questions, the book explores these themes through a tale of two women- Samuka and Sana Bahu.

The narrative is about two women that live parallel and mirrored lives, with a beautiful blue lake separating the two halves of their stories. Samuka, the happy child of a poor fisherman, spends her carefree adolescence on one side of the lake. On the other extreme, Sana Bahu is a young childless widow who is confined to the four walls of her wealthy and conservative home. Between the two women is a deep blue lake with a wide variety of animals and birds, as well as a mysterious forbidden island that lies midway between the two worlds and is home to an old wandering ghost of a dead king who is impatiently awaiting the arrival of both of these women.

Further moving on, Samuka and Sana Bahu will discover the dark and unavoidable secret that ties their fates and futures together when they eventually cross paths on the island during the narrative. This unbreakable bond not only defines their lives but also honors the unwavering and persistent spirit of Mother Nature and feminine spirit that transcends space and time.

Talking about the book, Author Soumya D Jena said, “I was born and raised in the city of temples, and since I was a young child, I have been enamored with literature and stories. I have worked hard to notice and capture the joyful spirit of life. One of my earliest attempts at narrative is The Woman, the Lake, the Sea, the Woman, my most recent book. I am happy to share my thoughts and opinions and would love to see how readers will respond to my book. I hope they will like it and share constructive feedback about the same.”

The author has beautifully described his thoughts on women through this story. The illustrations and strong punch lines act as the cherry on the cake. With a strong belief, Soumya thinks that new stories create new perspectives that help create a better world. With this approach, he is focused on creating a never-read-before kind of story for the world to experience and respond.

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