Travel back to the era of Sino-Indian war with Henry Jesuadian’s ‘When The Cobra STRIKES….!’

Travel back to the era of Sino-Indian war with Henry Jesuadian's 'When The Cobra STRIKES….!'

Fiction novels are the best way to get yourself entertained, and not just that, it makes you realize a lot more. By immersing us in a different setting, fiction stories expand our horizons and expose us to fresh perspectives that unquestionably enable us to understand and experience the world through the lives of others. This exercise fortifies the mind and aids in learning new topics. Literary fiction’s fantastical settings often result from a close study of reality. We learn to critically evaluate our reality by studying the issues of fictional, fantastical universes. Catering to all the factors of fiction writing, the author Henry Jesuadian has released his new novel ‘When The Cobra STRIKES.!’ The story takes you back to the era of the Sino-Indian Wars of 1962 and 1967 and depicts a young Tibetan woman who acts as a spy for India.

In the near future, following the devastating Sino-Indian Wars of 1962 and 1967 and subsequent Chinese incursions since then, including the Galwan Valley clash of 2021 which cost the lives of 20 Indian warriors, an assertive Indian government is keen to reclaim the regions lost to the People’s Republic of China. To make amends for a long-standing wrong, Tibet must also be freed. To accomplish this, India’s top spy agency recruits and trains a young Tibetan woman, a student from the Tibetan diaspora, in espionage to infiltrate her ancestral homeland and gather information on Chinese activity along the Line of Actual Control between the two sides. This would support information gathered by India’s spy satellites and other electronic methods.

After a terrifying experience, the rookie spy returns with some alarming information that galvanises New Delhi. She is tasked to go back on an even riskier mission that, if successful, would lead to Tibet’s freedom and the restoration of Indian territory, with the aid of a secret weapon from India’s antiquity. She is eager to comply because she has a young Tibetan rebel commander in her heart in addition to her ancestral motherland.

Talking about the book, author Henry Jesuadian shared, “Having an interest in the Indian geopolitical scene, I thought of writing something that would be associated with it. While penning this fictional story, I added some interesting elements that would deepen the reader’s absorption in the narrative. I have ensured that on every page, readers will find something that would keep them hooked on the story. I hope people will like the story and that it garners appreciation for the Indian dilemma of coping with a hostile environment .”

The Author has penned the story in the most incredible manner that readers will love. Though it is Henry’s first attempt at writing fiction, he has previously written two non-fiction works, presenting the narratives in an ‘easy-to-read’ format, a book titled “Himalayan Eagle – The Story of the Indian Air Force“, which was published and printed in New Delhi in January 2018. The research material for that work provided enough for his second book, “Ashoka’s Lions – The Warrior Spirit of India“, published in New Delhi in January 2021 and printed in Sydney. Being an experienced writer, it would be interesting to read more of his works and wait for his next novel.

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