Celebrating anniversary of mom and dad- Dishita Chaudhary

Dishita Chaudhary wishes her mom dad happy anniversary on their 24th years of togetherness 

Celebrity manager Dishita wishes her parents Ravinder Kumar and Amandeep Kaur a very happy anniversary on this auspicious 24 years of togetherness.

Her parents have always been her strength and gave her confidence to upbuild and be progressive in her life.

” I am nothing without them, they have always taught me what is right and what is wrong.

My mom and dad are the most precious one’s, life is nothing without them

I love you loads mom and dad” – says Dishita Chaudhary 

Further she adds-

‘I would always want to give them a luxurious life and fulfill all their dreams’.

Her parents have been supporting each other since 24 good years , and we all wish them luck for their future as well.

A very happy anniversary to such a beautiful couple.

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