Model Akshita Arora talks about the importance of being resilient and passionate in artistic realms

Model Akshita Arora talks about the importance of being resilient and passionate in artistic realms
Model Akshita Arora

These qualities, she believes, led her to become the title winner of Mrs. India Universe 2022.

So many people have worked across so many different industries with the ultimate goal of making it huge in the same or reaching an influential position in their sector. On the other hand, there are also several professionals whose ultimate goal is to not just reach a prominent position in their careers but leave a positive impact on others who vie to reach success and growth in their industries. The world of modelling and entertainment have been industries that have given birth to innumerable such professionals, especially women, who have stunned people all over the world with what they have achieved and how they have walked their path to glory.

When we sat down with model Akshita Arora to discuss about the same as she too made her name prominent all on her in the industry, the two things she highlighted the most were resilience and passion. Akshita, who is also the title winner of Mrs. India Universe 2022, says, “I believe to get ahead in any industry and gain an edge over the competitors or to simply reach one’s desired success in career and life, people need to first follow their dreams, have faith in them, be passionate about their work and work resiliently in the industry. These qualities, I believe, can lead ordinary talents into becoming extraordinary success stories, which in turn will infuse more hope and inspiration in other up-and-comers around the world.”

She further explains how things were never easy for her in her path as besides being a wife to a doting husband, she is also a mother to a daughter, and amidst all these responsibilities taking the courage to listen to her dreams of making it in modelling after marriage came as a massive challenge for her. However, she also points out how necessary she felt to break the rudimentary mindsets and rules set by society and, keeping that in mind, went ahead in chasing her dreams. 

Akshita Arora says that the courage she showed also led her into the social media world, where she is growing as an influencer. The brand ambassador of several fashion and beauty brands like Fitlook Originals says that budding models and other artists must therefore focus the most on being passionate about their work and staying resilient to continue walking their paths.

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