Celebrating Craftsmanship: House of Supriya Unveils Luxury Couture Store in New Delhi

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New Delhi [India]: Supriya Agarwal, a distinguished Fashion Entrepreneur and a Graduate of Pearl Academy, proudly announces the grand opening of her luxury couture store, House of Supriya. After completing her Fashion Design at Pearl Academy and gaining invaluable experience through an internship under one of the esteemed designer labels, Supriya has embarked on an extraordinary journey to turn her passion for fashion into a celebration of craftsmanship.

The House of Supriya promises to redefine luxury couture experiences for discerning fashion enthusiasts. Rooted in Modern Indian heritage, it serves as a haven for those who weave love into every garment they wear. Offering an eclectic range spanning from Kurta Sets to Bridal Ensembles, it presents a comprehensive selection of opulent garments crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

We believe in celebrating craftsmanship,” says Supriya Agarwal, the visionary behind the House of Supriya. “Our designs are more than garments; they’re reflections of a journey, blending tradition with contemporary allure. Each stitch embodies the ethos of timeless elegance, inviting you to embrace heritage with a modern twist.”

In addition to luxury couture garments, the House of Supriya proudly introduces an exquisite range of menswear, bags, jewelry, and select indo-western outfits like Bundis& Nehru Jacket for Men, offering a holistic shopping experience for its esteemed clientele. Situated at D54A 100 Feet Road, Chattarpur, the House of Supriya emerges as a beacon of luxury couture, enriching the eclectic landscape of Delhi’s fashion scene. As it opens its doors, it promises a fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance, inviting patrons to indulge in a celebration of craftsmanship and style.

In its dedication to quality craftsmanship, the House of Supriya has meticulously crafted over 2000 outfits using a variety of fine, exquisite, and rare fabrics. The brand deeply values the artisanal excellence found in ancestral textiles and their revered weaves. Each fabric and loom is thoughtfully chosen and curated to showcase the finest of Indian heritage to our esteemed clients.”

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About Designer Supriya Agarwal:

Supriya Agarwal envisioned her life in the fashion industry since her childhood and always had a knack for creating something exquisite. This streak led her to pursue her dreams, culminating in her graduation from Pearl Academy, New Delhi. Post her degree, she digitally launched her luxury couture brand, House of Supriya, in August 2022. This move was a true testament to her childhood dreams and visions. She aims to take the brand to a global level, offering a variety of designs and silhouettes where every individual feels that this brand is for them. House of Supriya has handcrafted more than 2000 outfits to date, made from various fine, exquisite, and rare fabrics. They truly believe in the artisanal excellence of such ancestral textiles and their celebrated weaves. Their fabrics and looms have been carefully selected and curated to bring the best of Indian heritage to the clients.

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