Asort Unveils Summer Fashion Trends 2024

Asort Unveils Summer Fashion Trends 2024

Embrace Bright Colors and Bold Styles the Summer Season

New Delhi, [India], 5th June, 2024: Asort, India’s pioneering co-Commerce direct-selling company, reveals the most anticipated trends for the summer of 2024. These trends, meticulously identified and curated by Asort’s expert fashion team, provide a comprehensive view of the summer fashion scene for 2024.

The summer of 2024 witnesses a notable shift in fashion preferences, as we bid adieu to micro shorts and welcome the emergence of the mid-length short, popularly known as the capri. This versatile garment seamlessly transitions from casual to professional settings, adding a touch of sophistication to summer wardrobes. Additionally, the sheer skirt takes center stage, offering a chic and alluring option for both day and evening wear.

Timeless classics such as Breton striped shirts and denim maxi skirts maintain their prominence, embodying enduring elegance. Meanwhile, other trends, including Bermuda shorts and elevated athleisure wear, effortlessly integrate into contemporary wardrobes. Wide-legged, longline pants make a statement, providing comfort and style throughout the summer months.

“This summer, fashion is About self-expression and letting your unique style radiate. Whether you gravitate towards the daring sheer skirts or prefer the effortless vibe of breezy capris, the summer 2024 collection empowers individuals to feeling confident and comfortable,” said Roshan Singh Bisht, Co- Founder & CEO of

Since its inception in 2011, Asort has revolutionized the fashion industry through its unique co-Commerce direct-selling model, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering sustainable growth. With over 3 crore monthly active users, the company has emerged as a leader in the direct-selling industry, epitomizing innovation, community empowerment, and sustainability.

Notably, Asort’s growth has significantly exceeded broader trends in the direct-selling industry over the past year. While the industry benchmark hovers around 10%, Asort has achieved double that growth rate, underscoring its remarkable progress. Positioned to capitalize on industry trends, Asort is actively exploring various expansion initiatives.

About Asort

Asort is India’s pioneering co-Commerce direct-selling company, founded in 2011 with the vision of transforming the fashion industry through a unique direct-selling model. Over the years, Asort has evolved and expanded to offer a diverse range of lifestyle products, empowering a vast community of entrepreneurs, and achieving sustainable growth. Today, Asort stands as a leader in the direct selling industry, committed to innovation, community empowerment, and sustainability.

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