DJ Lahar Brings Sparkle to Katni’s Diwali With Her Festive Musical Bash

DJ Lahar Brings Sparkle to Katni’s Diwali With Her Festive Musical Bash

DJ Lahar, 28 has become a crowd-favourite DJ in Madhya Pradesh and all over the country. Her signature electronic tunes never fail to impress the crowd and always sets an unmatched musical atmosphere where everyone is swaying and smiling.

Following a successful Garba Night in Narsinghpur, DJ Lahar continued her festive trot and landed in Katni on 25th October to throw a huge Diwali Bash that Katni is sure to always remember.

DJ Lahar’s Katni Diwali Bash was a houseful gala with over 2000 people coming to attend it; from kids to their grandparents, from students to office goers, it seemed as if the entire city had come down to celebrate and dance the night away. DJ Lahar played some of her iconic mixes and even unveiled new songs that brought the house down! Her remix of “Main Nahi to Kaun” and “Patakha Guddi” was received with great enthusiasm and many were seen dancing like no one was watching.

It is a special talent of DJ Lahar, where she can make us forget about our worries for a while, and have us tearing up the dance floor. She has time-and-again proven her prowess as disc jockey and is easily the most energetic Dancing DJ in our country.

DJ Lahar is a trendsetter and an icon in her own right; she has battled many prejudices in her career and has always won against misogynistic ideals in the music industry. She says, “When I started my career – around 5 years ago, I used to take people’s criticism to heart. But over the years I have come to distinguish constructive criticism from trolls and misogynists. So many people told me that I am a woman and there is no space for a woman as a DJ. But I presevered and I am glad I did. Because today, when I see people dancing to my tunes, and their happy smiles at my events, I can see that my talent and my work has spoken for me and silenced all the haters.”

Her Diwali Music Night at Katni was one for the books. DJ Lahar is on a steady journey to everlasting success, and with her music she keeps inspiring women all over the country to rise above and pursue their dreams.

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