Entrepreneur Himshekhar Konwar answers: What does it take to revolutionize the fitness industry?

Entrepreneur Himshekhar Konwar answers: What does it take to revolutionize the fitness industry?

“The fitness industry is probably one of the oldest business industries and yet it has not progressed quite so much.” – Himshekhar Konwar.

Himshekhar Konwar, an Assamese entrepreneur, hailing from Assam, India is in his mid 20s and is doing some great work in the fitness industry. Himshekhar Konwar has graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science but has always been an enthusiast in starting his own business ventures. Throughout his teenage years till his early 20s, Himshekhar has trained himself to become a marketer, a business consultant, an author and a serial entrepreneur. All his hard work, failed experiments and practical experiences seems to be paying off as his 1-year-old fitness brand,  NECMERactive, is doing really well and transforming the fitness industry for good one day at a time.

We asked him why he chose fitness to which he said, ” I have always been a fitness enthusiast and an athlete at heart. Since my childhood, I have loved playing sports and did play professional soccer at the school level too. As an adult, I took interest in CrossFit and  Body Building too but what really bothered me was the lack of proper training programs in the commercial gyms. Most workout programs both on the internet and also in the gyms are bogus and google copy pasted. This is the sole reason why many enthusiasts like myself go to a gym, don’t see any result and give up within a month or two. To solve the same issue I along with a few professionals started our own fitness studio where we studied the science behind each workout and provide effective workout programs that give results fast but safely. Seeing the amazing results in our studio we decided to become an omnipresent fitness brand where along with physical classes we plan to provide on demand workout programs through our mobile application so that people across the globe can access our scientifically designed workout programs. We are excited to announce that we are all ready to launch our mobile application for both iOS and Android in January 2022. This is what needs to be done to revolutionize this industry- Integrate Tech, Science and Serving Attitude with Fitness.”

Instagram – @necmeractive

Website- www.necmer.com

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